Elnara Kerimova

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Elnara Kerimova

Elnara Nadir qizi Kerimova, also spelled Karimova (Azerbaijani: Elnarə Kərimova) (born 1962, Baku) is an Azerbaijani and Turkish conductor and chorus master.


Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Elnara Kerimova studied choir conducting at the Asaf Zeynally Music School and later at the Baku Academy of Music. While still receiving her professional training at the Zeynalli College she became a chorister for the Azerbaijan State Polyphonic Choir. She was promoted to chief conductor of the choir in 1988. Within the next four years, the orchestra guided by Kerimova toured Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus.

In 1992, Kerimova was invited to Turkey by the Ministry of Culture to conduct the TRT Ankara Radio Polyphonic Choir. With this choir, she participated in various festivals and has given more than 300 concerts.

Starting from May 1999 Elnara Kerimova has been working as a conductor for the Orfeon Chamber Choir.[1]

Kerimova has been entrusted important positions at various educational institutions and amateur choirs. She has taken the responsibility to develop and improve the choral music while also popularizing this genre throughout Turkey.[2]