Ernst Stückelberg (painter)

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Stückelberg, 1900

Ernst Stückelberg (born Johann Melchior Ernst Stickelberger, 21 February 1831 – 14 September 1903) was a Jewish Swiss painter native to Basel.

He was one of the most popular artists of his generation, producing many paintings of historical scenes, including a series on Swiss national hero William Tell. His pseudonym Stückelberger was made his legal name by the government of Basel in 1885.

After leaving school he did an apprenticeship with the portrait painter Johann Friedrich Dietler in Bern. In 1850 Stückelberg studied in Antwerp at the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. His teachers in Antwerp included Gustaf Wappers and Josephus Laurentius Dyckmans.[1] In 1853, he went to study for three years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Among his best-known works are the frescos at the Tellskapelle, and the painting Girl With a Lizard of 1884. He produced hundreds of incidental miniatures, painted on small wooden boards.

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