Fatima Soltan

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Fatima Soltan (died 1681) was the last khanbika (queen) of Qasim Khanate (1679–81). She was a daughter of Agha Muhammad Shah Quli Sayyid and a wife of Arslanghali khan. After the death of her husband in 1627 Russian tsar Mikhail Romanov appointed her and her father Agha Muhammad as regents of her three-year-old son Sayed Borhan. Until Borhan abdicated in 1679 Fatima Soltan resisted his marriage to a Russian princess and the policy of Christianization and discrimination against Muslims by Moscow authorities. After Borhan abdicated she remained briefly in power as the last queen of the Khanate and after her death Qasim Khanate was abolished.

Preceded by
Sayed Borhan
Khan of Qasim
Succeeded by
none; the khanate abolished
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