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Fedor Vasilyevich Tokarev
Фёдор Васи́льевич То́карев
Tokarev Fedor.jpg
Born (1871-06-14)14 June 1871
Yegorlykskaya, Don Host Oblast, Russian Empire
Died 6 March 1968(1968-03-06) (aged 96)
Moscow, Russian SFSR
Nationality Russian

Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev (Russian: Фёдор Васи́льевич То́карев; 2 June 1871 [14 June in old Russian calendar][1] – 6 March 1968) was a Russian weapons designer and deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 1937 to 1950.[2]


Outside the former Soviet Union he is best known as the designer of the Tokarev TT-30 and TT-33 self-loading pistol and the Tokarev SVT-38 and SVT-40 self-loading rifle, both of which were produced in large numbers during the German-Soviet War. For his contributions to Soviet arms design Tokarev received the Hero of Socialist Labor award and the USSR State Prize.[3]

He also designed the prototype of the FT-1 / ФТ-1 panoramic camera (FT stands for: Fotoapparat Tokareva / Фотоаппарат Токарева).[4]


  • 1888 – Admitted to the Military Vocational School at Novocherkassk; age 17
  • 1892 – Graduated as Cossack noncommissioned officer and sent to the 12th Don Cossack Regiment as an armorer-artificer; age 21
  • 1896 – Returned to Novecherkassk as Master Armorer Instructor; age 25. Applied for admittance to the Military Technical School.
  • 1900 – Graduated as a Cossack commissioned officer, age 29, and returned to his old unit, the 12th Don Cossack Regiment as Master Gunsmith.
  • 1910 – Submitted his version of a conversion of the bolt-action Model 1891 Mosin–Nagant rifle to semi-automatic fire, which merited official testing. Age 39[3]
  • 1927 – Designed Tokarev Model 1927 submachine gun prototype.[3]
  • 1940–41 – Defended habilitation in technical sciences. Received the Hero of Socialist Labor award and the USSR State Prize.[1][2]

Tokarev's son Nikolai (1899–1972) also became a prominent firearms designer. He worked for several decades in Tula and designed several machine guns and anti-aircraft guns that were used by the Soviet Army in the 1930s–1940s.[2]

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