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Attorney General of Florida
Seal of the Attorney General of Florida
Bondi bio photo crop.jpg
Pam Bondi

since January 4, 2011
Department of Legal Affairs
Term length Four years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Joseph Branch
Formation 1845
Website http://myfloridalegal.com/

The Florida Attorney General is an elected cabinet official in the U.S. state of Florida. The attorney general serves as the chief legal officer of the state and is head of the Florida Department of Legal Affairs.

The office is one of Florida's three elected state cabinet posts, along with the Chief Financial Officer and Agriculture Commissioner. The current attorney general is Pam Bondi, who took office on January 4, 2011. Her term will expire on January 6, 2015.

Election and terms of office

As with the other two cabinet posts and the office of lieutenant governor, there is a limit of two four-year terms for the Attorney General.[1] The Governor of Florida is restricted to two consecutive terms, with no lifetime limit on the number of terms he or she may serve.

The Attorney General appoints the Florida Solicitor General who serves at his or her pleasure. The current solicitor is Allen Winsor.

In the event that the offices of the governor of Florida and lieutenant governor of Florida are vacated, the attorney general then becomes governor.[2]

Removal from office

The Florida Attorney General can be impeached for committing a "misdemeanor in office" by the State Legislature, and convicted and thereby removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the State Senate.

Office holders

Augustus Maxwell, 1846-1848
James Westcott, Jr., 1868
File:Park Trammell.jpg
Park Trammell, 1909-1913
Charlie Crist, 2003-2007
File:McCollum bio photo.jpg
Bill McCollum, 2007-2011
# Name Term of Service Political Party
1 Joseph Branch 1845 - 1846
2 Augustus Maxwell 1846 - 1848 Democratic
3 James T. Archer 1848 Democratic
4 David P. Hogue 1848–1853
5 Mariano D. Papy 1853-1861
6 John B. Galbraith 1861-1868
7 James Westcott, Jr. 1868 Democratic
8 A. R. Meek 1868–1870
9 Sherman Conant 1870-1871
10 J.B.C. Drew 1871-1872
11 Horatio Bisbee, Jr. 1872 Republican
12 J.P.C. Emmons 1872–1873
13 William A. Cocke 1873-1877
14 George P. Raney 1877–1885 Democratic
15 Charles Merian Cooper 1885-1889 Democratic
16 William Bailey Lamar 1889–1903 Democratic
17 James B. Whitfield 1903-1904 Democratic
18 W.H. Ellis 1904-1909
19 Park Trammell 1909-1913 Democratic
20 Thomas F. West 1913-1917
21 Van C. Swearingen 1917-1921
22 Rivers Buford 1921-1925
23 J.B. Johnson 1925-1927
24 Fred Henry Davis 1927-1931 Democratic
25 Cary D. Landis 1931-1938
26 George Couper Gibbs 1938-1941
27 J. Thomas Watson 1941-1949
28 Richard Ervin 1949-1964 Democratic
29 James W. Kynes 1964-1965 Democratic
30 Earl Faircloth 1965-1971 Democratic
31 Robert L. Shevin 1971-1979 Democratic
32 James C. Smith 1979-1987 Democratic
33 Bob Butterworth 1987-2002 Democratic
34 Richard E. Doran 2002-2003
35 Charlie Crist 2003-2007 Republican
36 Bill McCollum 2007-2011 Republican
37 Pam Bondi 2011- Republican

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