Frederick Salvemini de Castillon

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Frédéric-Adolphe-Maximilien-Gustave Salvemini de Castillon (Utrecht, Netherlands, 22 September 1747 - Berlin 27 January 1814[1]) was a Music theorist.

His father was the famous professor Giovanni Francesco Salvemini Signiore di Castiglione, who taught mathematics and philosophy at the University of Utrecht. Frederic styled his full-name based on one of his birth surname as "de Castillon" in reference to his family Italian aristocratic title from the town of Castiglione in Tuscany, Italy.

Member of the Berlin Academy, Castillon published a large volume of Research of the Beauty of applied music to, melody, harmony, and rhythm.[2]

Likewise his father, Castillon contributed to the creation of the Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers of Diderot and D'Alembert, the accurate creation of his articles in the domain of applied arts of music theory, musical instruments, and its history; paved for Frederick his place in the world of music historians.


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