Free State of Waldeck-Pyrmont

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Free State of Waldeck-Pyrmont
Freistaat Waldeck-Pyrmont
State of the Weimar Republic



Flag of Waldeck-Pyrmont


Das Waldecker Lied
Location of Waldeck-Pyrmont
Location of Waldeck within Germany (after 1921).
Capital Arolsen
Government Republic
Historical era Interwar period
 •  German Revolution 1918
 •  Pyrmont joins Hanover 1921
 •  Merges with Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau 1929
 •  1925 55,750 

The Free State of Waldeck-Pyrmont, later the Free State of Waldeck, was a constituent state of the Weimar Republic. It was created following the German Revolution which forced Prince Friedrich of Waldeck and Pyrmont along with the other German monarchs to abdicate.

On 30 November 1921, following a local plebiscite, the city and district of Pyrmont were detached and incorporated into the Prussian province of Hanover. The remainder of the State was incorporated into the Free State of Prussia in 1929, following another plebiscite, and became part of the province of Hesse-Nassau. This territory is today part of the District of Waldeck-Frankenberg in Hesse.

State directors (1918–1929)

  • 1918–1920 Karl von Redern
  • 1920–1929 Wilhelm Schmieding (DVP)
  • 1929–1929 Herbert Herberg

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