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Friedrich-August Cross
Friedrich August-Kreuz Oldenburg 1914.jpg
Insignia of the order
Awarded by
the Grand Duke of Oldenburg
Type Order
Eligibility all persons of military or civilian status
Awarded for outstanding service during the war
Established 24 September 1914
Friedrich-August Cross - military (Oldenburg) - ribbon bar.png
Ribbon of the order (military division)
Friedrich-August Cross - civil (Oldenburg) - ribbon bar.png
Ribbon of the order (civil division)

The Friedrich-August Cross was a German decoration of the First World War. It was set up on 24 September 1914 by Frederick Augustus II, Grand Duke of Oldenburg, with two classes, for (to quote its citation) "all persons of military or civilian status, who have shown outstanding service during the war itself".


The Friedrich-August-Kreuz is a black iron cross pattée with a laurel wreath between the arms. The obverse of the cross bears a circular central medallion with the initials FA. The crown of Oldenburg crown appears on the upper arm of the cross, with the lower arm bearing the date 1914. The reverse is plain.[1]


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