Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles

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Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles
The 9th volume cover
Author Archaeographical Commission
Original title Полное собрание русских летописей
Country Russia, Soviet Union
Language Russian
Genre history
Publisher Typography of Edward Prats
Published 1841
No. of books 43 volumes

The Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles (Russian: Полное собрание русских летописей, Polnoe Sobranie Russkikh Letopisey, abbr. PSRL) is a series of published volumes aimed at collecting all medieval East Slavic chronicles, with various editions published in Imperial Russia, the Soviet Union, and Russian Federation. The project is ongoing and far from finished.

The chronicles were assembled by the Archaeographical Expedition of the Russian Academy of Sciences (starting in 1828). They were prepared for publication by the Archaeographical Commission, established in 1834 as part of the Ministry of National Enlightenment. The first volumes were published by a publisher "Typography of Edward Prats". The commission was charged to publish the collection on February 18, 1837.

The first ten volumes appeared between 1841 and 1863. New volumes have been brought forth piecemeal throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries. Some of the older volumes have also been reprinted, especially after 1997.

List of published volumes

Typography of Edward Prats

In 1871-72 the first two volumes were republished as the second editions.

Typography of Skorokhodov and Typography of Aleksandrov