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GAZ Sadko
File:Gorky Automobile Plant in Nizhniy Novgorod (30).jpg
Manufacturer Gorky Automobile Plant
Production 1997–current
Assembly Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Body and chassis
Class Medium truck
Body style Flatbed truck
Layout F4 layout
Transmission 5-speed manual
Wheelbase 108.7 in (2,761 mm)
Length 249.9 in (6,347 mm)
Width 92.13 in (2,340 mm)
Height 102.2 in (2,596 mm)
Predecessor GAZ-66

The GAZ Sadko (Russian: Садко) is a Russian-built, 2.5-ton, all-wheel-drive cargo truck. The Sadko is produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ) and was named after Sadko, a character in a Russian medieval epic bylina, who was an adventurer, merchant, and gusli musician from Novgorod. It also exists a 4×2-version, named GAZ-3307.


The current GAZ-3308 “Sadko” series of vehicles serves as a replacement for the GAZ-66, which entered production in 1964 and remained thus for approximately thirty-five years. Production of the GAZ-3308 began in 1996 as per military requirements. Commercial and export versions are also produced. The first of the new all-wheel-drive trucks was created by the Gorky Automobile Plant in 1996 under the symbol GAZ-33097. Series production models, which received the industry index GAZ-3308 and a new name, "Sadko", began in December 1997. The Russian Army's 2.3-ton truck GAZ-3308 replaced the GAZ-66-40-cab-over-engine model. On GAZ-3308, a cab from the GAZ-3309 modified using different fenders with enlarged wheel arches and drive axles, and transmission similar to that used on the GAZ-66-40.

Since 2003, most Sadkos have been equipped with a turbo diesel MMZ D-245.7 (from 2005 emission class Euro-2, from 2013 replaced by the type D-245.7E4 with environmental class Euro-4) engines. In 2005, a 4-ton model GAZ-33086 Countryman with a twin-tired rear axle, which uses elements of the Sadko, was produced.

In 2013, a version of the GAZ-33088 Sadko with a turbo-diesel YaMZ-53442 with Euro-4 became available. In June 2014 GAZ presented a new version, with the unofficial name of Sadko-Next, an increased carrying capacity of 3 tons, and also the new version of GAZ-3309.[1]

Major modifications

File:GAZ Sadko family of vehicles.jpg
The basic Sadko family, left to right, GAZ-33088 Sadko, GAZ-330811 Vepr and GAZ-33081 Eger
  • GAZ-3308 - basic version with 130-horsepower carbureted engine ZMZ-5231.10 displacement of 4.67 liters;
  • GAZ-33081 - changed from 117-horsepower diesel engine MMZ D-245.7 displacement of 4.75 liters with turbocharging;
  • GAZ-33082 - Early version with GAZ-562 turbodiesel under license from Steyr;
  • GAZ-33085 and GAZ-33086 (GAZ Zemlyak) with a payload capacity of 4 000 kg. This truck has inferior cross-country performance compared to Sadko;[2]
  • GAZ-33088 - changed from 134.5-horsepower diesel engine YaMZ-53442 displacement of 4.43 liters with turbocharging.
  • N-2: A MLRS system produced in Armenia on the GAZ-3308 chasis

Buses on "Sadko" chassis

KAvZ-3976 bus on Sadko chassis
  • KAvZ-39766 - KAvZ built all-terrain bus using a 19-seater bus body of a small class KAvZ-3976. Modifications: 397660 - with a carbureted engine ZMZ-513, 397663 - with a diesel engine MMZ D-245.7. Produced in 2003–2005.[3]
  • Semar (Ru:СемАР)-3257 - closed 12-seat bus-terrain vehicle with a body small class bus Semar-3280. Equipped with a carburetored engine ZMZ-513. Produced in 2001–2006.
  • Shift bus chassis GAZ-3308 - Utility "vahtovka" with separate angular body on the chassis of GAZ-3308 standard cab. Made in 2003–2006 by Semar. Currently manufactured at Auto Pro.[4]

GAZ Vepr

The GAZ-330811-10 Вепрь VEPR (En:Wild Boar) is a special-purpose vehicle based on a shortened "Sadko" with a three-or five-door all-metal body. "Wild Boar" retains all the advantages of a car "Sadko" (momentum, continuity, comfort cab).[5]


  • Length: 6347 mm
  • Width: 2340 mm
  • Height: 2595 mm
  • Weights:
    • 4150 kg (curb)
    • 6450 kg (full)


ZMZ-5231 • V-8 • working volume - 4.67 l • Power 124 hp • torque of 298 Nm

MMZ D-245.7 • R-4 • working volume - 4.75 l • Power 117 hp • torque of 382 Nm

MMZ D-245.7E3 • R-4 • working volume - 4.75 l • Power 119 hp • torque of 420 Nm

YaMZ-53442 • R-4 • working volume - 4.43 l • Power 134.5 hp • torque of 417 Nm

Engines are coupled with 4- or 5-speed manual gearboxes.[2] A central tire inflation system is fitted as standard.[2]



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