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Gheorghe Alexandrescu (1912 – 2005) was a prominent Romanian anticommunist dissident. He dedicated his entire life to fight for freedom and justice. He graduated his Ph.D in Law Magna cum Laude in 1939 from Rome, Italy. He was member of the Romanian National Liberal Party (PNL) from 1934 to 1947.

In 1987 during the terror communist dictatorship, he has published a clandestine newspaper which demanded: freedom of expression, free elections, political pluralism, restitution of property confiscated by communists and Down with communism!. He was caught by the communist secret police (Securitate) and arrested. The secret police confiscated his several unpublished anticommunist manuscripts:

  • The Bloom of Mankind (Înflorirea Omenirii - in Romanian translation) - 620 pages written in 1981.
  • The Big Issue of the Years 2000 (Marea problemă a anilor 2000 – in Romanian translation) - 488 pages, written in 1984.

In 1989, after the fall of the communist regime, Gheorghe Alexandrescu was among the founders of the reborn National Liberal Party (PNL).


The author could not publish for 51 years, because he was under surveillance by the communist secret police. When he tried to write, his manuscripts were confiscated. Nevertheless the author wrote numerous newspaper articles and the following books:

  • The Italian Corporatism - Casa Şcolilor Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania 1940
  • The Bloom of Mankind - 620 pages written in 1981 – confiscated by former communist secret police.
  • The Big Issue of the Years 2000 - 488 pages, written in 1984 – confiscated by former communist secret police.
  • How to Recover the Nation's Properties Confiscated By Communism - Hope Publishing, Bucharest, 1991
  • The Two Cancers of Mankind and Dacia Felix – published in Bucharest 1997 [1]

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