Gweno language

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Native to Tanzania
Region North Pare Mountains, Kilimanjaro Region
Ethnicity 2,200 (2006)[1]
Native speakers

(older adults)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 gwe
Glottolog gwen1239[2]

Gweno is a Bantu language spoken in the North Pare Mountains in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. The people known as the Gweno (or more properly Asu[4]) are a Chaga ethnic and linguistic group. The language is today spoken mostly by older adults, with younger generations having shifted to Asu and Swahili.[1] Ethnologue considers Gweno to be moribund;[1] the Gweno stopped raising children to speak the language about 20 years ago.[when?][5]


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Further reading

  • Sewangi, Seleman S. (2008). Kigweno: Msamiati wa Kigweno–Kiswahili–Kiingereza / Gweno–Swahili–English Lexicon. ISBN 9987-691-16-1.

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