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File:Hasenchartbreaker cover.jpg
Studio album by Knorkator
Released 1999
Genre Heavy metal
Knorkator chronology
The Schlechtst of Knorkator
(1998)The Schlechtst of Knorkator1998
Tribute to uns selbst
(2001)Tribute to uns selbst2001

Hasenchartbreaker is an album by German heavy metal band Knorkator, released in 1999.

Track listing

  1. "Hardcore"
  2. "Buchstabe" (Letter)
  3. "Ich bin ein ganz besond'rer Mann" (I'm a very special man)
  4. "Schlüpfer" (Knickers)
  5. "Das Lied" (The song)
  6. "Narrenkappe" (Jester's hat)
  7. "With a little help from my friends"
  8. "Highway to hell"
  9. "Alles ist Scheiße" (Everything is crap)
  10. "Geh zu ihr" (Go to her)
  11. "Wenn mir einer was will" (When someone wants me something)
  12. "Weg nach unten" (Way downwards)
  13. "A"
  14. "Weihnachtsschimpfe" (Christmas scold)
  15. "Ick wer zun Schwein" (I'm turning into a pig, in the Berlin dialect)