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Holos Ukrayiny (Ukrainian: Голос України, literally Voice of Ukraine), is a Ukrainian daily newspaper published in Kiev. After laws are published in Holos Ukrayiny they come into force officially the next day.[1]

History and profile

Holos Ukrayiny is the official voice of Verkhovna Rada (parliament of Ukraine), partially funded by the state. It is mandated to provide all parliamentary factions with the regular equal proportions of printing space. The paper is also one of the so-called official publications - newspapers and bulletins authorized to publish Ukrainian legislation.

Holos Ukrayiny also has a Russian edition named Golos Ukrainy (Russian: Голос Украины).

In 1994 Holos Ukrayiny had a circulation of 302,937 copies.[2] It was 517,444 copies in 1995 and 331,925 copies in 1996.[2] It became 277,688 copies in 1997 and 252,509 copies in 1998.[2] The 1999 circulation of the paper was 204,694 copies.[2]


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