Horsewoman (painting)

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Artist Rudolf R. Frentz
Year 1925
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 89 cm × 89 cm (35 in × 35 in)
Location private collection,

Horsewoman is a painting by Russian painter Rudolf Frentz (Russian: Рудольф Рудольфович Френц) (1888-1956). The picture is a portrait of an equestrian of the artist's wife Catherine Anisimovna Stulovskaya (née Frentz).


Painted about 1925, the portrait represents a young woman astride on a horse in a suit for riding. In a picturesque and composition relation a portrait exudes between works of artist of 1920th and does not have analogues in collections of the largest Russian Art museums. A portrait is an extraordinarily rare for the soviet painting genre of woman's equestrian portrait.

Horsewoman was first showed on the personal exhibition of Rudolf Frentz in 1928 in Leningrad.[1] In 1970 after a long interruption a portrait was again demonstrated in Leningrad on the exhibition of works of Rudolf Frentz in the Leningrad Union of Artists.[2] In 2007 the painting «Horsewoman» was reproduced and described among 350 art works by Leningrad artists in the book «Unknown Socialist Realism. The Leningrad School»,[3] published in Russian and English.

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