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Kittyhawk is a new IBM supercomputer. The proposed project entails constructing a global-scale shared supercomputer capable of hosting the entire Internet on one platform as an application, whereas the current Internet is a collection of interconnected computer networks.[1][2]

In 2010 IBM open sourced the Linux kernel patches that allow otherwise unmodified Linux distributions to run on Blue Gene/P. This action allowed the Kittyhawk system software stack to be run at large scale at Argonne National Lab. The open source version of Kittyhawk is available on a public website hosted by Boston University.[3]

In 2012 the Kittyhawk project was made a part of the United States Department of Energy fault oblivious execution (FOX) project, and ported to run on the Intrepid supercomputer at Argonne National Laboratory.[4]

In 2013 researchers used the Kittyhawk project to demonstrate a novel high-performance cloud computing platform by merging a cloud computing environment with a supercomputer. [5] [6]


IBM Research published three papers[7][8][9] detailing the project. The Kittyhawk will be based on the previously developed IBM supercomputer called Blue Gene/P. In theory the Kittyhawk will have up to 16,384 racks, providing a maximum of 67.1 million cores with 32 PB (32 PiB) of memory.[10]


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