ISO 1745

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ISO 1745:1975 Information processing - Basic mode control procedures for data communication systems

An early ISO standard defining a basic communications protocol that made use of non-printable (C0) control characters reserved for "transmission control functions" in ASCII, ECMA-48 and related standards. Unicode, which derives from ASCII, still reserves these code points as control characters, but does define protocols for their use.

For the communication, the following data format must be used:

• 1 start bit • 7-bit ASCII value or 7-bit binary • 1 parity bit (EVEN) • 1 stop bit

And the possible baud rates are:

• 2400 baud • 4800 baud • 9600 baud • 19200 baud

ECMA-048 - characters as defined in ISO 1745 [1]

The text of ISO 1745:1975 is not currently freely available. The protocol it defines seems to be little used.