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ISO 843 is a system for the transliteration of Greek characters into Latin characters.[1]

1997 edition

Greek Latin Unicode Notes
Hex Dec
Α α A a
Ά ά Á á 00C1 00E1 193 225
Β β V v
Γ γ G g
Δ δ D d
Ε ε E e
Έ έ É é 00C9 00E9 201 233
Ζ ζ Z z
Η η Ī ī 012A 012B 298 299
Ή ή Ī́ ī́ Ī+0301 ī+0301 Ī+769 ī+769 combining acute accent
Θ θ Th th
Ι ι I i
Ί ί Í í 00CD 00ED 205 237
Ϊ ϊ Ï ï 00CF 00EF 207 239
ΐ 1E2F 7727
Κ κ K k
Λ λ L l
Μ μ M m
Ν ν N n
Ξ ξ X x
Ο ο O o
Ό ό Ó ó 00D3 00F3 211 243
Π π P p
Ρ ρ R r
Σ σ, ς S s
Τ τ T t
Υ υ Y y
Ύ ύ Ý ý 00DD 00FD 221 253
Ϋ ϋ Ÿ ÿ 0178 00FF 376 255
ΰ ÿ́ ÿ+0301 ÿ+769 combining acute accent
Φ φ F f
Χ χ Ch ch
Ψ ψ Ps ps
Ω ω Ō ō 014C 014D 332 333
Ώ ώ 1E52 1E53 7762 7763


  • double vowels αυ are transliterated as au
  • double vowels ευ are transliterated as eu
  • double vowels ου are transliterated as ou

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Notes and references

  1. ISO 843:1997, International Organization for Standardization

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  • Transliteration of Non-Roman Scripts -A collection of writing systems and transliteration tables, by Thomas T. Pedersen. PDF reference charts include ISO 843.
  • Lingua::Translit Perl module and online service covering a variety of writing systems. Transliteration according to several standards including ISO 843 and DIN 31634 for Greek.