Indian National Physics Olympiad

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The Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO for short) is an Olympiad in Physics held in India. It is part of the selection process for the International Physics Olympiad.

The theory part of the INPhO examination is held in end-January/beginning February of every year. It is conducted by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. School students (usually of standards 11, 12) first need to qualify the National Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP) held in November of the preceding year. Among the over 40,000 students[citation needed] who sit for the NSEP, only around 300 students are selected for the INPhO based on their scores and also based on their respective states from which they appear. Different State-wise cut-offs exist for selection to InPhO.

The top 35 students, based solely on their InPhO scores are selected to attend the Orientation cum Selection camp (OCSC), held at HBCSE, Mumbai. The team for the International Physics Olympiad is selected based on a rigorous procedure of theory and practical examinations at the IPhOTC.

Most of the students qualifying the INPhO are those completing their twelfth standard. However, there have been some cases of students qualifying INPhO at the end of eleventh standard itself.


Qualification for OCSC assures students of direct entry into the B.Sc Physics programme at the Chennai Mathematical Institute.

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