Indiana University Health People Mover

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Indiana University Health People Mover
Locale Indianapolis, IN, US.
Transit type People mover
Number of lines 1
Number of stations 3
Began operation 2003
Operator(s) Indiana University Health
Number of vehicles 2 × (3 car)
System length 1.4 mi (2.25 km)
Track gauge 4 ft (1,219 mm) duorail concrete guideway
Average speed 17 mph (27 km/h)
Top speed 30 mph (48 km/h)
System map
Methodist Station1
Interstate I-65
Canal Station
Dr Martin Luther King Jr St
IU/Riley Station
^Note 1 Methodist is also the control room and maintenance facility[1][2]

The Indiana University Health People Mover, formerly the Clarian Health People Mover, is a 1.4-mile (2.3 km) long, 4 ft (1,219 mm) narrow gauge[3] people mover in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. The system opened on June 28, 2003, to connect the Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis, the Indiana University Hospital, and the James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children, jointly operated as a single hospital by Indiana University Health.[4]

The dual-track system is open to the public and operates around the clock, taking 5 minutes in each direction.[5] During the daytime, a train departs automatically every six minutes.[5] It is notable for being the only private transportation system in the United States constructed to run above public streets.[6][1]


In 1997, the three hospital operations were combined under Indiana law creating a shared staff of over 10,000 employees who could be required to travel between the campuses. Commuting between the three sites was complicated and required the crossing of the Interstate 65 highway by shuttle buses.

In May 2000, a Health Care Transportation System Franchise Agreement was signed, followed by the People Mover – State of Indiana Airspace Agreement and Lease in November 2000 to allow crossing under the Interstate 65 highway for a period of 25 years.[6]


The large gap between the rails avoids collecting snow. In the center are pneumatic tubes for document and sample transfer.[1]

The system was constructed by Schwager Davis Inc. (SDI) from San Jose, California, to their Unitrak standard.[6]

There are two separate parallel elevated guideways side-by-side, both of which operate in both directions. The concrete rails have a gap between them, designed to combat winter snow and the people mover is therefore not technically a monorail.[5]

Each of the two tracks carries a train with three carriages for a total capacity of 81 passengers. Each train weighs 45,000 pounds (20 t) and has twenty-four passenger seats across the three cars. The rest of the passenger capacity is made up of standing places.[5]


During the night-time, one track is closed between 18:00–05:30[clarification needed] for maintenance, with the second train/track operated in on-demand mode by elevator-style call buttons.[7]


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