Inelative case

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The inelative case (abbreviated INEL) expresses the notion "from inside" (i.e. "out of").

It can be found in the Lezgian language.[1] For example:

  • Варшавадай Тегьрандиз саки вад югъ рехъ ава.
  • Varshavadaj Tehrandiz saki vad jugh reqh ava.
  • There's almost five days of travel from Warsaw to Tehran.

In Lezgian, it can also expression the notion "(in return) for". For example:

  • Заз гайи куьмекдай ваз сагърай лугьузва.
  • Zaz gaji kymekdaj vaz saghraj luhuzwa.
  • I thank you for the help you have given me.


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