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Interstate 44 marker

Interstate 44
<mapframe width="290" latitude="35.564" align="center" frameless="1" longitude="-96.583" height="250" zoom="6">{{Wikipedia:Map data/Wikipedia KML/Interstate 44 in Oklahoma}}</mapframe>
I-44 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT & OTA
Length: 328.53 mi[1] (528.72 km)
Existed: 1956 – present
Major junctions
West end: I-44 / US 277 / US 281 at the Texas state line
  I‑240 in Oklahoma City
I‑40 in Oklahoma City
I‑235 in Oklahoma City
I‑35 in Oklahoma City
I‑244 in Tulsa
East end: I-44 at the Missouri state line
Counties: Cotton, Comanche, Caddo, Grady, McClain, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Lincoln, Creek, Tulsa, Rogers, Mayes, Craig, Ottawa
Highway system
SH-43 SH-44

Interstate 44 (I-44) runs diagonally through the US state of Oklahoma, spanning from the Texas state line near Wichita Falls, Texas, to the Missouri border near Joplin, Missouri. It connects three of Oklahoma's largest cities: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Lawton. Most of I-44 in Oklahoma is a toll road. In southwestern Oklahoma, I-44 is the H. E. Bailey Turnpike and follows a north–south direction. From Oklahoma City to Tulsa, I-44 follows the Turner Turnpike. As I-44 leaves Tulsa, it becomes the Will Rogers Turnpike to the Missouri border. In the Lawton, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa metro areas, I-44 is toll-free.

I-44 is paralleled by former U.S. Highway 66 (US-66, now mostly State Highway 66 (SH-66)) from Oklahoma City to the Missouri state line.

In Oklahoma City, I-44 is also known as the Will Rogers Expressway.

Route description

I-44 westbound as it enters Oklahoma near Joplin, Missouri

I-44 crosses the Red River near Burkburnett, Texas. It is toll-free until exit 5, which is the last free exit before the start of the southern section of the H. E. Bailey Turnpike. At exit 30, the tolls end, and I-44 becomes a non-tolled highway again through Lawton and Fort Sill until exit 46. The northern section of the H. E. Bailey Turnpike carries I-44 north, serving Chickasha before ending at US-62 (exit 107) in Newcastle.

The I-44 and I-235/US-77 junction. The eastbound exits are labeled 127A for southbound I-235 toward Downtown and 127B for northbound US-77 toward Edmond. However, traveling westbound, both exits are labeled 127. This junction also signifies the northern end for I-235.

From Newcastle, I-44 heads north through rural parts of Oklahoma City before serving as the western terminus of I-240. It then indirectly serves Will Rogers World Airport by connecting to Southwest 59th Street (which becomes Southwest 54th Street before reaching the airport) and SH-152, the Airport Road freeway. I-44 meets I-40 west of downtown at an interchange sometimes referred to as the Amarillo Junction. I-44 then passes west of the state fairgrounds and continues north to provide access to Bethany and Warr Acres. It then turns more eastbound before reaching a junction with I-235, which also signifies the northern end of I-235, and US-77 also known as the Broadway Extension, which connects Downtown Oklahoma City to Edmond. It then meets and follows a stretch of I-35, which it overlaps with until the Turner Turnpike interchange, where it takes an easterly turn again.

I-44 then follows the Turner Turnpike to Sapulpa, where it becomes a non-tolled road after meeting SH-66. I-44 bypasses downtown Tulsa; I-244 serves the downtown areas. After meeting the Creek Turnpike again on the eastside of the city, I-44 becomes a turnpike once again, gaining the Will Rogers Turnpike designation.

The Will Rogers Turnpike section serves many northeast Oklahoma towns, including Claremore, Vinita (where it passes under the world's former largest McDonald's), and Miami. After passing Miami, I-44 crosses the state line into Missouri, about 600 feet (180 m) south of the Kansas–Missouri–Oklahoma tripoint.


I-44 was designated through Oklahoma to replace the section of US-66 running from Oklahoma City to Joplin, Missouri. I-44 covered the already-existing Turner Turnpike and Will Rogers Turnpike, with a western terminus at I-35 in Oklahoma City, the current western terminus of the Turner Turnpike.

I-44 was assigned to the H. E. Bailey Turnpike in 1982, when I-44 was assigned to the western and northern legs of I-240 (then a semi-beltway around Oklahoma City) and the H. E. Bailey Turnpike as part of Oklahoma's "Diamond Jubilee" celebrations.[2] Before I-44 was assigned to it, the freeway connector to the north end of the H. E. Bailey Turnpike was named the Will Rogers Expressway.[3] The non-tolled section through Lawton was the Pioneer Expressway.[3]

Westbound I-44 northeast of Tulsa was affected by a sinkhole found on June 2, 2010. According to the local news, the sinkhole measured 12 feet (3.7 m) wide and 24 feet (7.3 m) long. Traffic was only affected for a short period of time and the roadway has since been reopened.[citation needed]

Southeast of Catoosa, I-44 was redesigned to have an interchange with the eastern expansion of the Creek Turnpike. A 1.5-mile (2.4 km) stretch of the original roadbed remains; however, it is unused and is not maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) or any of the surrounding cities. In 2012, the only bridge over the abandoned stretch, Pine Street, was removed and replaced with graded fill over the old turnpike.[citation needed]

I-44 is also known for being crossed by the 1999 Bridge Creek–Moore tornado on May 3, 1999, during the 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak, and by the 2013 Moore tornado on May 20, 2013, during the tornado outbreak of May 18–21, 2013.[citation needed]

On February 14, 2021, icy conditions caused a multi-vehicle pileup near Oklahoma City. Both eastbound and westbound lanes were shut down because of the incident.[4]

Interstate 440

Interstate 440
Location: Oklahoma City

Interstate 440 (I-440) was the designation given to a stretch of Interstate Highway from I-240 to US-66 in Oklahoma City. It was a part of the original Grand Boulevard that had been built in compliance with Interstate Highway standards. In 1975, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved renumbering I-440 as I-240 to create a single numeric designation for the Oklahoma City loop. In 1982, as part of Oklahoma's "Diamond Jubilee", I-44's western terminus was moved from the I-35/I-44 junction near Edmond, Oklahoma, to the Texas–Oklahoma state line via the Belle Isle Freeway (part of the recently designated I-240 connecting the former I-440 with I-35); I-240, the H. E. Bailey Turnpike; and the turnpike connector road on the eastern edge of Lawton, Oklahoma.[5]

Exit list

County Location mi km Exit Destinations Notes
Cotton Red River 0.00 0.00 I-44 west / US 277 / US 281 south – Burkburnett, Wichita Falls Continuation into Texas
President George W. Bush Bridge
1.12 1.80 1 SH-36 – Grandfield
5.29 8.51 5 US-277 / US-281 north / US-70 – Randlett Eastern end of US-277/US-281 concurrency
H.E. Bailey Turnpike begins
Walters 19.78 31.83 20 SH-5 / US-277 / US-281 – Walters Walters toll plaza is located at this interchange
Comanche 29.83 48.01 30 SH-36 west / US-277 south / US-281 south – Geronimo, Faxon, Frederick Western end of US-277/US-281 concurrency
Lawton 33.19 53.41 33
US-281 Bus. north (11th Street)
36.47 58.69 36A SH-7 east (Lee Boulevard) – Duncan Signed as exits 36A (east) and 36B (west) westbound
37.48 60.32 37 Gore Boulevard
38.50 61.96 39B
US-281 Bus. south – Lawton
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
38.71 62.30 39A Cache Road – Lawton Business District Signed as exit 38 eastbound
39.77 64.00 40 US-62 west (Rogers Lane) – Cache, Altus Split into exits 40A (east) and 40B (west); exit 40A signed as exit 40C westbound; western end of US-62 concurrency
41.35 66.55 41 Fort Sill Key Gate Department of Defense ID required
45.02 72.45 45 SH-49 – Carnegie, Medicine Park
46.39 74.66 46 US-62 east / US-277 / US-281 north – Elgin, Apache, Anadarko Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; eastern end of US-62/US-277/US-281 concurrency
Elgin 52.78 84.94 53 US-277 – Fletcher, Elgin, Sterling
61.52 99.01 62 Fletcher, Cyril, Sterling Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
No major junctions
Grady Chickasha toll plaza
Chickasha 80.10 128.91 80 US-81 (US-277) – Duncan, Chickasha
82.64 133.00 83 US-62 (US-277) – Chickasha, Anadarko
Newcastle toll plaza
98.70 158.84 H.E. Bailey Spur – Blanchard, Norman Cloverleaf interchange
SH-4 – Yukon, Mustang, Tuttle
McClain Newcastle 106.59 171.54 H.E. Bailey Turnpike ends
107 US-62 west / US-277 south – Newcastle, Blanchard Western end of US-62 concurrency
107.37 172.80 108 SH-37 west – Minco, Tuttle Western end of SH-37 concurrency
107.89 173.63 108A Frontage Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Cleveland Oklahoma City 109.33 175.95 109 SW 149th Street
110.37 177.62 110 SH-37 east (SW 134th Street) – Moore Eastern end of SH-37 concurrency
111.43 179.33 111 SW 119th Street
112.49 181.04 112 SW 104th Street
Oklahoma 113.51 182.68 113 SW 89th Street
114.52 184.30 114 SW 74th Street
114.84 184.82 115 I‑240 / US-62 / SH-3 east – Dallas, Fort Smith Eastern end of US-62 concurrency; western end of SH-3 concurrency; left exit & no exit number westbound; I-240 exit 1A
115.59 186.02 116A SW 59th Street
116.36 187.26 116B SH-152 west (Airport Road)
116.89 188.12 117A SW 44th Street Signed as exit 117B westbound
117.74 189.48 118 SW 29th Street
118.77 191.14 119 SW 15th Street
119.55 192.40 120 I‑40 – Amarillo, Fort Smith Signed as exits 120A (west) and 120B (east); I-40 exits 147A-B
120.84 194.47 121 NW 10th Street – Fair Park Signed as exits 121A (east) and 121B (west)
121.87 196.13 122 NW 23rd Street
122.90 197.79 123A NW 36th Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
123.16 198.21 SH-3 west / SH-74 north (Lake Hefner Parkway) Eastern end of SH-3 concurrency; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
123.26 198.37 123B SH-66 west – Warr Acres, Bethany Western end of SH-66 concurrency; no westbound exit
123.66 199.01 124 N. May Avenue No westbound entrance
124.75 200.77 125A N. Penn Avenue Full name is "Pennsylvania"
125.38 201.78 125C Northwest Expressway
125.86 202.55 125B Classen Boulevard No westbound entrance
126 Western Avenue Westbound exits onto NW Grand Blvd
127.11 204.56 127 I‑235 / US-77 south – Oklahoma City, Downtown
US-77 north (Broadway Extension) – Edmond
Split into exits 127A (south) and 127B (north) eastbound; westbound entrance includes direct entrance ramp from N. 63rd Street
127.66 205.45 128A Lincoln Boulevard  – State Capitol
128.36 206.58 128B Kelley Avenue
129.43 208.30 129 M.L. King Avenue
130.39 209.84 130 I‑35 south to I‑40 – Oklahoma City, Dallas Western end of I-35 concurrency; I-35 exit 133; no exit number westbound
131.18 211.11 134 Wilshire Boulevard Exit numbers follow I-35
132.22 212.79 135 Britton Road
133.35 214.61 136 Hefner Road
143.33 230.67 137 NE 122nd Street
134.92 217.13 I‑35 north (SH-66 east) Eastern end of I-35/SH-66 concurrency; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; I-35 exit 138A
135.12 217.45 Kilpatrick Turnpike west No eastbound exit
Turner Turnpike begins
I‑35 north (SH-66 east) / Invalid type: road – Wichita Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
146.29 235.43 146 Luther / Jones
Luther 149 Kickapoo Turnpike south Kickapoo Tpk. exits 149A-B
Lincoln Wellston 157.13 252.88 158 SH-66 – Wellston
Chandler 166.38 267.76 166 SH-18 – Chandler, Cushing
Stroud 179.12 288.27 179 US-377 south / SH-99 – Stroud, Drumright
Creek Stroud Toll Plaza
Bristow 196.30 315.91 196 SH-48 – Bristow, Lake Keystone
Sapulpa 210.61 338.94 211 SH-33 / SH-66 – Drumright, Kellyville
215.35 346.57 215 SH-97 – Sapulpa, Sand Springs
216.99 349.21 218A SH-66 – Sapulpa Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
217.36 349.81 218B Creek Turnpike east – Joplin, Jenks, Broken Arrow Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
221.05 355.75 221A 57th West Avenue Westbound exit only
county line
221.60 356.63 221B SH-66 west – Bristow, Sapulpa Westbound exit and eastbound entrance, west end of SH-66 overlap
Turner Turnpike ends
Tulsa 221.93 357.16 222A 49th West Avenue
222.08 357.40 222B 55th Place Eastbound exit only
222C 56th Street Westbound exit only
222.45 358.00 223A I‑244 east (Red Fork Expressway) – Downtown Tulsa Western terminus of I-244; I-244 exit 1A
222.60 358.24 223B 51st Street Access via Gilcrease Expressway; no eastbound exit
Tulsa 223.02 358.92 223C 33rd West Avenue
224.02 360.53 224 Union Avenue C/D lanes provide access to US-75 and Elwood Ave.
224.30 360.98 US-75 – Okmulgee, Bartlesville Cloverleaf interchange; accessible to and from C/D lanes
224.76 361.72 225 Elwood Avenue Eastbound access is part of exit 224 accessible from C/D lanes originating at Union Ave. exit
225.54 362.97 226A Riverside Drive
226.03 363.76 226B Peoria Avenue
227.03 365.37 227 Lewis Avenue
228.03 366.98 228 E. 51st Street / Harvard Avenue
229.11 368.72 229 Yale Avenue
230.06 370.25 230 E. 41st Street / Sheridan Road
231.02 371.79 231 US-64 / SH-51 to US-169 – Muskogee, Broken Arrow, Downtown Tulsa
231.58 372.69 232 E. 31st Street / Memorial Drive Eastbound exit is part of exit 231
233.11 375.15 233 E. 21st Street Signed as exit 233B westbound
233.73 376.15 234A US-169 – Owasso, Broken Arrow No eastbound exit to US-169 south
234.39 377.21 234B Garnett Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
234.63 377.60 235 E. 11th Street No westbound entrance
235.72 379.35 236 129th East Avenue
236.15 380.05 236B I‑244 / US-412 west (Crosstown Expressway) – Sand Springs, Enid Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; western end of US-412 concurrency; eastern terminus of I-244
county line
TulsaCatoosa line 237.78 382.67 238 161st East Avenue
239.79 385.90 240 SH-167 north (193rd East Avenue)
Catoosa 240.25 386.64 241 SH-66 east – Claremore, Catoosa No eastbound entrance; east end of SH-66 overlap; no exit number westbound
TulsaFair Oaks line 241.43 388.54 US-412 east – Chouteau, Siloam Springs East end of US-412 overlap; left entrances; no westbound exit; former SH-33 east
Rogers Fair Oaks 241.70 388.98 Creek Turnpike west – Oklahoma City Left exit and entrances; no eastbound exit; Will Rogers Tpk. exit 34
Will Rogers Turnpike begins
242.40 390.10 35 E. Pine Street Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; exit number based on a continuation of Creek Tpk. mileposts
Verdigris 248.24 399.50 248 SH-266 west – Port of Catoosa, Claremore
Claremore 254.17 409.05 255 SH-20 – Pryor, Claremore
Mayes 269.64 433.94 269 SH-28 – Chelsea, South Grand Lake, Adair Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Craig Big Cabin 282.61 454.82 283 US-69 – Big Cabin
Toll plaza
Vinita Service plaza
289.27 465.53 289 US-60 (US-69) to SH-66 – Vinita
Ottawa 301.94 485.93 302 US-59 / US-60 (US-69) – Fairland, Grove, Afton
Miami 313.19 504.03 313 SH-10 – Miami
OklahomaMissouri line 329.36 530.05 Will Rogers Turnpike ends
I-44 east Continuation into Missouri
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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