List of Iowa Attorneys General

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The Hoover State Office Building, in Des Moines, houses the office of the Iowa Attorney General
Samuel Allen Rice
Smith McPherson
John H. Mitchell
Leo Hoegh
Dayton Countryman
Norman A. Erbe
Evan Hultman
Richard C. Turner
Tom J. Miller

The List of Iowa Attorneys General includes those elected to and appointed to the post of (U.S. state of) Iowa Attorney General; the office was created February 9, 1853. The Attorney General's office is housed in the Lucas State Office Building in Des Moines.[1]


(As stated in Iowa law)

The powers and duties of the office include: representing the departments and agencies of state government; taking action for citizens in consumer protection and other areas; enforcing the state's environmental protection laws; playing a central role in the criminal justice system; and providing assistance and advocacy for the victims of crime. The Attorney General also issues legal opinions on questions of law submitted by elected or appointed state officials and defends all tort claim actions against the state. Iowa is unique in that its Attorney General belongs to the judicial branch of government, as opposed to the executive branch of government, as do 48 of the other 50 states.


Name[3][4] Took Office Left Office Party
  David C. Cloud 1853 1856 Democratic
Samuel A. Rice 1856 1861 Republican
Charles C. Nourse 1861 1865 Republican
Isaac L. Allen 1865 1866 Republican
Frederick E. Bissell 1866 1867 Republican
Henry O'Connor 1867 1872 Republican
Marsena E. Cutts 1872 1877 Republican
John F. McJunkin 1877 1881 Republican
Smith McPherson 1881 1885 Republican
Andrew J. Baker 1885 1889 Republican
John Y. Stone 1889 1895 Republican
Milton Remley 1895 1901 Republican[5]
Charles W. Mullan 1901 1907 Republican
John F. Riggs 1907 1909 Republican
Howard Webster Byers 1909 1911 Republican
George Cosson 1911 1917 Republican
H. M. Havner 1917 1921 Republican
Ben J. Gibson 1921 1927 Republican
John Fletcher 1927 1933 Republican
Edward L. O'Connor 1933 1937 Democratic
John H. Mitchell 1937 1938 Democratic
Fred D. Everett 1939 1940 Republican
John M. Rankin 1941 1947 Republican
Robert L. Larson 1947 1953 Republican
Leo Hoegh 1953 1955 Republican
Dayton Countryman 1955 1957 Republican
Norman A. Erbe 1957 1961 Republican
Evan Hultman 1961 1965 Republican
Lawrence F. Scalise 1965 1967 Democratic
Richard C. Turner 1967 1979 Republican
Tom Miller 1979 1991 Democratic
Bonnie Campbell 1991 1995 Democratic
Tom Miller 1995 present Democratic


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