Ivan Gevorkian

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Ivan Khristoforovich Gevorkian
Ivan Gevorkian's picture as displayed in the Yerevan State Medical Institute Museum.
Born Hovannes Gevorkian
(1907-03-28)March 28, 1907
Karmir, Gavar region of Armenia
Died October 19, 1989(1989-10-19) (aged 82)
Yerevan, Armenia
Awards Order of the Red Star (1)
Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1)
Academic background
Alma mater Leningrad Medical University
Academic work
Discipline Medicine, Surgery, Science
Institutions Yerevan Medical Institute

Ivan Khristoforovich Gevorkian, born Hovannes Khachaturi Gevorkian Armenian: Հովհաննես Խաչատուրի Գևորգյան; Russian: Иван Христофорович Геворкян; (March 28, 1907 - October 19, 1989) was a prominent Soviet Armenian surgeon and scientist who published 10 monographs and more than 230 scientific papers. His main research was dedicated to anesthesia, blood transfusion, the treatment of endarteritis of extremities and other surgical illnesses.[1][2][3]

Ivan Gevorkian was awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Personal life

Ivan Gevorkian was born in the village Karmir, near the city of Gavar in Armenia. He graduated from medical school in Leningrad in 1930. During World War II he was a military surgeon and from 1943, Gevorkian was working as the Chief Surgeon of Yerevan Military Hospital.[1][2]


From 1952-1979 professor Ivan Khristoforovich Gevorkian was the chairman of the Department of Surgery of Yerevan State Medical Institute. Under his leadership 10 doctoral and 30 master's theses were completed.[4] In 1961 he was awarded with an honored scientist of the Armenian SSR award. In 1962 Professor Gevorkian was elected to the ASSR Academy of Sciences Corresponding Member,and in 1963 he was elected as a member of Surgeon’s International Society in Rome.[4] For many years Professor Gevorkian performed the duties of chief surgeon in Armenia and was a founder of the Armenian Surgical Association. He was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner and Order of the Red Star and a number of other medals as well.[4]

Ivan Gevorkian was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Honors and achievements[4]

  • Honored Scientist of the Armenian SSR (1961)
  • Doctor of Medicine (1952)
  • Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR (1962).
  • Member of International Academy of Surgeons (1963).
  • Order of the Red Star[4]
  • Order of the Red Banner[4]

List of main works

  • Intra-arterial Medication Use in Surgery (1958), Published in Moscow, Russia
  • Blood Flow Velocity in the Pathology of Limb Vessels (1976)
  • Obliterating Endarteritis of Extremities, 152 c. silt. 26 cm, Yerevan Publishing House of the Armenian SSR in 1978
  • Handbook for the management of patients with certain acute surgical diseases of the abdomen: (Students of Art. Courses and doctors) / Gevorkian IH, 140 p. 20 cm, Yerevan Scientific-method. Room. Ministry of Higher Education of the Armenian SSR in 1981
  • Peritoneal Mesothelioma (1984)
  • Regional Infusion of drugs in the prevention and treatment of complex surgical infection / I. H. Gevorkian

136, [1] p. silt. Yerevan Hayastan 1987

  • Postoperative Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction, Its Detection, Treatment, and Prevention / IH Gevorkian, Armenian SSR Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physiology. Orbeli, 103. silt. 20 cm, Yerevan Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR, 1990



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