Ivan Gren-class landing ship

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Ivan Gren class
Class overview
Name: Project 11711 Ivan Gren
Operators:  Russian Navy
Preceded by: Ropucha class landing ship
Building: 2
Planned: 2[1]
Active: 0
General characteristics
  • 5.080 t
  • 6.000 t full load
Length: 120 m
Beam: 16 m
Propulsion: diesel
Speed: 18 knots
  • 6,500 km at 30 km/h
  • (3,500 miles at 16 kts)
Capacity: 13 main battle tanks and 300 troops
Complement: ~100

The Ivan Gren, or Project 11711, is a class of landing ship that is being constructed for the Russian Navy.

The first ship is being built in Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad. The vessel will have a displacement of 5,000-6,000 tons and will be able to carry up to 13 main battle tanks or 36 armoured personnel carriers or 300 marines.[2] The first ship in the class was laid down on 23 December 2004. The hull of the Ivan Gren was completed by the end of November 2010. On October 9, 2010 a contract to increase work on the vessel was signed.[3] The ship was launched on 18 May 2012 and was scheduled to be delivered to the Russian Navy by 2014.[4][5] Delivery of the Ivan Gren was delayed until 2015 while the second ship Petr Morgunov of the class began construction in October 2014.[6]


Name Namesake Builders Laid down Launched Commissioned Fleet Status
Ivan Gren Yantar yard, Kaliningrad 23 Dec 2004 18 May 2012 Expected 2015
Petr Morgunov Yantar yard, Kaliningrad 11 Jun 2015[7] Expected 2016 Expected 2017

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