Ivan Mykolaichuk

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Ivan Mykolaichuk
Іван Миколайчук
Cossack Vasyl (The Lost Deed)
Born (1941-06-15)June 15, 1941
Chortoryia, Chernivtsi Region, Soviet Union
Died August 3, 1987(1987-08-03) (aged 46)
Kyiv, Soviet Union
Nationality Ukrainian
Alma mater Karpenko-Karyi Memorial National University of Theatrical Arts
Occupation Film industry
Years active 1964 - 1987
Known for role of Hutsul Ivan Paliychuk in Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Title Distinguished Artist of Ukrainian SSR
Spouse(s) Maria Karpiuk
Awards Lenin's Komsomol Prize of Ukrainian SSR (1967)
Shevchenko State Prize of Ukrainian SSR (1988)

Ivan Vasylyovych Mykolaichuk (Ukrainian: Іван Васильович Миколайчук) (15 June 1941, Chortoryia, Ukrainian SSR – 3 August 1987) was a Ukrainian soviet actor, producer, and screen writer from Ukraine.

He is best known for playing the Hutsul Ivan in Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Тіні забутих предків) (1964), based on Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky's book of the same name. He received the Komsomol prize of Ukraine in 1967, and the title of Meritorious Artist of the Ukrainian SSR in 1968. He posthumously received the Taras Shevchenko prize.


Mykolaichuk was born in a village of Chortoryia (Kitsman Raion) in Western Ukraine during the World War II in a family of peasants. Ivan graduated from a high school of the neighboring village of Brusnytsia (Kitsman Raion). In 1957 he finished the Chernivtsi Music College and in 1961 he graduated from the theater-studio of the Chernivtsi Music-Drama Theater of Kobylyanska. On August 29, 1962 Ivan married an actress of the theater (later the People's Artist of Ukraine) Maria Karpiuk.

In 1963-65 he studied in the Karpenko-Karyi Memorial Kyiv Institute of Theatrical Arts (instructor - Viktor Ivchenko). During those years Ivan debuted in the Leonid Osyka's movie Dvoye (The two).

His films were often controversial and suppressed by the Soviet authorities; sometimes his films were banned from being screened by the KGB. Due to incidents with the Parajanov's film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Mykolaichuk was banned from film industry for some five years by the party authorities being recognized as too nationalistic and a person of hostile ideology. The movie, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, that received the Gold Prize of the 7th Moscow International Film Festival in 1971, was perceived almost as a hostile attack by nationalistic forces.

In 1979 with the help of Volodymyr Ivashko who worked as the secretary of ideological work in the Kharkiv Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Mykolaichuk was given permission to participate in the movie Babylon 20th (Вавилон ХХ).

Mykolaichuk died in August 1987 at the age of 46. His house in Chortoryia, Kitsman Raion, Chernivtsi Oblast, has since been turned into a museum. He left a lasting legacy on Ukrainian film. Many consider him to be the greatest actor in the history of Ukrainian Cinematography. He also inspired other Ukrainian artists, actors, singers and writers who were searching for their Ukrainian identity in the Soviet era.


Year Title Medium Role Notes
1964 The Dream Film Taras Shevchenko
1964 Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Film Hutsul Ivan Lenin Komsomol Prize of Ukraine (1967)
1965 The Viper Film White Guardian Brykin
1966 Wild Grass Film Davyd Motuzka
1967 Two deaths Short Film
1967 Kyiv Melodies Documentary composer
1968 Mistake of Honoré de Balzac Film Levko (jockey-serf)
1968 Annychka Film Hutsul Roman
1968 Scouts Film Viktor Kurhanov
1968 Stone Cross Film Mykola
1968-69 Liberation Film Sergeant Savchuk
1970 White Bird with Black Mark Film Petro Dzvonar
1970 Commisars Film Hryhoriy Hromov
1971 I Go To You Film
1971 Lady from Berendei Land Film Rei
1971 Zakhar Berkut Film Liubomyr
1972 Contrary to Everything Film Ioko
1972 The Lost Deed Film Cossack Vasyl
1973 Novella About a Woman Film writer
1973 When person smiled Film Oleksiy
1973 About Vitya, Masha, and marines Film Vakula
1974 Maryna Film conductor
1975 The Channel Film
1975 Waves of the Black Sea Film Terentiy
1976 The troubled month of Veresen Film Hnat
1978 The Sea Film Simokhyn
1978 The redemption of sins of others Film Rusyn
1979 Babylon XX Film Fabian
1980 The Forest Song. Nymph Film Spirit of Forest / Uncle Leo
1981 Such Late, Such Warm Autumn Film Hryhor Korchak
1982 The Return of Batterfly Film Anton Krushelnytsky
1983 The Legend of Princess Olga Film Great Prince Vladimir the Great
1983 Myrhorod and its Inhabitants Film Kurochka
1986 Zhmenyaks Film
1983 On the edge of the sword Film General Turchyn
Year Title Notes
1979 Babylon XX All-Union Film Festival in Dushanbe (1980) - Best Director
1981 Such Late, Such Warm Autumn
Year Title Notes
1970 White Bird with Black Mark
1974 To Dream and to Live
1977 The Unsociable Man
1978 Under the Twins' Sign
1979 Babylon XX
1981 So Late and Warm Autumn
1986 And Memory Will Recall in the Sounds
1989 Fables About Ivan