Ivan Triesault

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Ivan Triesault
File:Ivan Triesault - publicity-B.JPG
Born Johann Constantin Treisalt
(1898-07-13)13 July 1898
Tallinn, Estonia
Died 3 January 1980(1980-01-03) (aged 81)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Cause of death heart failure
Nationality American
Occupation Actor
Years active 1942-1969
File:Juhan Treisalt.jpg
Treisault in the 1920s.

Ivan Triesault (born as Johann Constantin Treisalt; 13 July [O.S. 1 July] 1898[1][2] in Reval (now Tallinn) – January 3, 1980 in Los Angeles) was an Estonian-born American actor. His parents are from the island of Hiiumaa.[3]


His first stage appearance was at the German Theatre in Tallinn aged 14, before moving to the United States aged 18.[4] There he began to train in acting and dance, working on Broadway before moving into film. His notable roles include appearances in Cry of the Werewolf (1944), The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944), A Song to Remember (1945), Notorious (1946), 5 Fingers (1952), Jet Pilot (1957), Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959), It Happened in Athens (1962), Von Ryan's Express (1965), Batman (1966) and The Wild Wild West. He died in 1980 due to cardiac failure at age 81.


Year Title Role Notes
1942 Five Were Chosen
1943 Mission to Moscow Mr. Tukhachevsky (former general) uncredited
1943 Hostages Franta
1943 Strange Death of Adolf Hitler, TheThe Strange Death of Adolf Hitler Prince Hohenberg
1944 Song of Russia Comissar uncredited
1944 In Our Time Bujanski uncredited
1944 Uncertain Glory Saboteur uncredited
1944 Hitler Gang, TheThe Hitler Gang Pastor Martin Niemöller
1944 Story of Dr. Wassell, TheThe Story of Dr. Wassell Pharmacist's mate of the 'Janssen' uncredited
1944 Black Parachute, TheThe Black Parachute Colonel Pavlec
1944 Days of Glory German Lieutenant uncredited
1944 The Mummy's Ghost Scripps Museum Guide uncredited
1944 Cry of the Werewolf Jan Spavero
1944 Strange Affair Dr. Igor Baumler uncredited
1945 A Song to Remember Nicolas Chopin uncredited
1945 Escape in the Fog Hausmer, Schiller's Henchman
1945 Counter-Attack Sgt. Johann Grillparzer
1946 Notorious Eric Mathis, a Nazi conspirator
1946 Crime Doctor's Man Hunt Alfred 'Alfredi' Hempstead uncredited
1946 Return of Monte Cristo, TheThe Return of Monte Cristo Major Chavet
1947 The Crimson Key Peter Vandaman
1947 Golden Earrings Maj. Reimann
1947 Escape Me Never Choreographer uncredited
1948 The Woman from Tangier Rocheau
1948 To the Ends of the Earth Naftalie Vrandstadter uncredited
1949 Outpost in Morocco Tribal Leader uncredited
1949 Home in San Antone Van Vliet
1949 Johnny Allegro Pelham Vetch
1949 Sickle or the Cross, TheThe Sickle or the Cross I.V. Morse
1949 Battleground German Captain uncredited
1950 D.O.A. Photographer uncredited
1950 Spy Hunt Assassin
1950 Kim The Russian
1951 Target Unknown German Lieutenant uncredited
1951 My True Story Alexis Delios
1951 Lady and the Bandit, TheThe Lady and the Bandit
(Dick Turpin's Ride)
King George
1951 Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel, TheThe Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel German Major uncredited
1951 My Favorite Spy Gunman uncredited
1952 5 Fingers Steuben uncredited
1952 Bad and the Beautiful, TheThe Bad and the Beautiful Von Ellstein
1953 Desert Legion Cpl. H. Schmidt uncredited
1953 Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation Henri Dupre
1953 Scandal at Scourie Father Barrett uncredited
1953 Young Bess Danish Envoy
1953 How to Marry a Millionaire Phillip, Captain of Waiters uncredited
1953 Back to God's Country Reinhardt
1954 Border River Baron Von Hollden
1954 Charge of the Lancers Dr. Manus
1954 Student Prince, TheThe Student Prince Prof. Klauber's Assistant uncredited
1954 Gambler from Natchez, TheThe Gambler from Natchez Raoul uncredited
1954 Her Twelve Men Erik Haldeman
1955 Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, TheThe Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Ludwig, Maitre d' uncredited
1957 Top Secret Affair German Field Marshal uncredited
1957 Buster Keaton Story, TheThe Buster Keaton Story Duke Alexander Michael David
1957 Silk Stockings Russian Embassy Official uncredited
1957 Jet Pilot Gen. Langrad
1958 Young Lions, TheThe Young Lions German Colonel uncredited
1958 Fraulein Prof. Julius Angermann
1958 Me and the Colonel Polish Vice Consul uncredited
1958 Mardi Gras Bernard - Maitre d' uncredited
1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth Prof. Peter Göteborg of Stockholm uncredited
1960 I'll Give My Life Dr. Neuman
1960 Amazing Transparent Man, TheThe Amazing Transparent Man Dr. Peter Ulof
1960 Cimarron Lewis Venable, Sabra's Father uncredited
1961 Go Naked in the World Mons. Jacques Vrey uncredited
1961 Barabbas Emperor uncredited
1962 It Happened in Athens Grandpa Loues/Mr. Trisapopolis
1962 300 Spartans, TheThe 300 Spartans Demaratus
1963 Prize, TheThe Prize Mr. Lindquist, Hotel Desk Porter uncredited
1964 Viva Las Vegas Head Captain uncredited
1965 Von Ryan's Express Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Von Kleist
1965 'Morituri Lt. Brandt
1966 Batman West German Delegate uncredited
1967 Search for the Evil One, TheThe Search for the Evil One
Year Title Role Notes
1952 Dangerous Assignment Dr. Anacos Episode: "The Iron Banner Story"
1953 Plymouth Playhouse, TheThe Plymouth Playhouse The President Episode: "A Tale of Two Cities: Part 2"
1953 Ford Television Theatre Lt. Schinkel Episode: "The Jewel"
1953 G.E. True Theater Walter Episode: "The Eye of the Beholder"
1954 City Detective Hans Orby Episode: "The Blonde Orchid"
1954 Adventures of Falcon, TheThe Adventures of Falcon Ernest Meckler Episode: "Borderline Case"
1954 Mystery Is My Business Episode: "Mardi Gras"
1954 Climax! Episode: "Epitaph for a Spy"
1954–1959 Schlitz Playhouse Dr. Colman 2 Episodes: "At the Natchez Inn" and "And Practically Strangers"
1955 Passport to Danger Hoenschen Episode: "Rome"
1955 Lux Video Theatre Major Strasser Episode: "Casablanca"
1955 Soldiers of Fortune Dr. Harman Episode: "The Honor of Dr. Mazaro"
1955–1956 Crusader Thomas Ulm / August Bonner 2 episodes: "The Bargain" and "Berlin Love Story"
1956 Four Star Playhouse Volpe Episode: "Safe Keeping"
1956 Matinee Theater Urbain Episode: "The American"
1956 Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial, TheThe Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial Von Bering Episode: "The Trial of Edward Pritchard"
1956 Playhouse 90 Carl Kersch Episode: "Confession"
1956 20th Century Fox Hour, TheThe 20th Century Fox Hour Steuben Episode: "Operation Cicero"
1956–1957 Adventures of Jim Bowie, TheThe Adventures of Jim Bowie Maurice Toulouse 5 episodes
1956–1957 Navy Log German Officer 2 episodes: "The Helium Umbrella" and "After You, Ludwig"
1958 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre Ambassador Episode: "Day of Glory"
1958 Northwest Passage Father Ricard Episode: "The Hostage"
1958 Man with a Camera Doctor Kolberg Episode: "Lady on the Loose"
1959 Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond Inspector Episode: "The Dark Room"
1959 Third Man, TheThe Third Man Dr. Fourtier Episode: "The Indispensable Man"[5]
1959 Markham Stephen Saltzman Episode: "Double Negative"
1959 World of Giants Episode: "Gambling Story"
1959–1964 Perry Mason Fred Schoenbeck / Dr. Kleinman 2 episodes: "The Case of the Shattered Dream" and "The Case of a Place Called Midnight"
1960 Not for Hire Masters / Mueller / Schoenberg 3 episodes
1962 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color Professor Levenson 2 episodes: "Escapade in Florence: Part 1" and "Escapade in Florence: Part 2"
1964–1966 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Commander / Klaus 2 episodes: "The Price of Doom" and "The Death Ship"
1965 Rogues, TheThe Rogues Mitter Episode: "Run for the Money"
1965 Combat! Doctor Episode: "Odyssey"
1965 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre Baron Episode: "The Game"
1965 Burke's Law Wexler Episode: "The Man with the Power"
1965 Honey West Lazlo Shatzi Episode: "Rockabye the Hard Way"
1966 Batman Parkhurst Episode: "The Clock King's Crazy Crimes"
1966 Girl from U.N.C.L.E., TheThe Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Professor Voltan Episode: "The Danish Blue Affair"
1966 12 O'Clock High Tanzman Episode: "To Seek and Destroy"
1967 Mission: Impossible Plantinov Episode: "The Trial"
1967 Hogan's Heroes General von Katz Episode: "D–Day at Stalag 13"
1967 Felony Squad Mannheim Episode: "The Pat Hand of Death"
1967–1969 Wild Wild West, TheThe Wild Wild West Ambassador / Bishop Kucharyk 2 episodes: "The Night of the Cossacks" and "The Night of the Surreal McCoy"
1968 Garrison's Gorillas Dr. Bergholtz / Dr. Moletti 2 episodes: "Time Bomb" and "The Big Lie"
1968 Bonanza Thad Borchik Episode: "Commitment at Angelus"
1968 It Takes a Thief Kruger / Maitre 2 episodes: "Get Me to the Revolution on Time" and "It Takes One to Know One"
1969 Ironside Dr. Driscoll Episode: "In Search of an Artist"


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