Janet Asimov

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Janet Asimov
Born Janet Opal Jeppson
(1926-08-06) August 6, 1926 (age 95)
Ashland, Pennsylvania
Occupation writer, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst
Spouse Isaac Asimov

Janet Asimov (born August 6, 1926, Ashland, Pennsylvania) is an American science fiction writer, psychiatrist, and a psychoanalyst.

Born Janet Opal Jeppson, she started writing children's science fiction under the name J O Jeppson in the 1970s. She was married to Isaac Asimov from 1973 until his death in 1992, and they collaborated on a number of science fiction books aimed at young readers, including the Norby series.


Jeppson earned a B.A. degree from Stanford University (first attending Wellesley College), her M.D. degree from New York University Medical School, completing a residency in psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital. In 1960, she graduated from the William Alanson White Institute of Psychoanalysis, where she continued to work until 1986.[1]


Janet Asimov's first published writing was a "mystery short" sold to Hans Stefan Santesson for The Saint Mystery Magazine and appearing in the May 1966 issue.[1] According to Isaac Asimov, Janet Asimov's books that were written in association with him were 90 percent Janet's, and his name was wanted on the books by the publisher "for the betterment of sales".[2]


Norby Chronicles (with Isaac Asimov)

  • Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot (1983)
  • Norby's Other Secret (1984)
  • Norby and the Lost Princess (1985)
  • Norby and the Invaders (1985)
  • Norby and the Queen's Necklace (1986)
  • Norby Finds a Villain (1987)
  • Norby Down to Earth (1988)
  • Norby and Yobo's Great Adventure (1989)
  • Norby and the Oldest Dragon (1990)
  • Norby and the Court Jester (1991)
  • Norby and the Terrified Taxi (1997) Written alone, after her husband's death.


  • The Second Experiment (1974) (as J.O. Jeppson)
  • The Last Immortal (1980) (a sequel to The Second Experiment) (as J.O. Jeppson)
  • Mind Transfer (1988)
  • The Package in Hyperspace (1988)
  • Murder at the Galactic Writers' Society (1995)
  • The House Where Isadora Danced (2009) (as J.O. Jeppson)


  • The Mysterious Cure, and Other Stories of Pshrinks Anonymous (1985) (as J.O. Jeppson hardcover, as Janet Asimov paperback)[3]
  • The Touch: Epidemic of the Millennium. Edited by Patrick Merla. ISBN 0-7434-0715-6. (Janet Asimov contributor)


  • Laughing Space: Funny Science Fiction Chuckled Over (1982) with Isaac Asimov


  • How to Enjoy Writing: A Book of Aid and Comfort (1987) with Isaac Asimov
  • Frontiers II (1993) with Isaac Asimov
  • It's Been a Good Life (2002) edited, with Isaac Asimov
  • Notes for a Memoir: On Isaac Asimov, Life, and Writing (as Janet Jeppson Asimov) (New York: Prometheus Books, 2006); ISBN 1-59102-405-6


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