Jaroslav Čihák

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Major general Jaroslav Čihák (24 July 1891 – 30 April 1944) was an Austro-Hungarian army officer from 1914 and Russian legionary from 1916 (command platoon and battalion).

Čihák was born in Kratonohy. Between the wars he was battalion commander, second in regiment command and regiment commander. From 1936 he was commander of the infantry school in Milovice. After beginning of Nazi occupation he left Czechoslovakia. In 1940 he was commander of Czechoslovak troops in conflicts on the German-French front (so-called divisional infantry). He was Executive officer of National defence department in Britain (Czechoslovak government in exile) from July 1940 to January 1941. He participated in the building of the Czechoslovak army in foreign countries. He died in London.

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