Johannes Hoornbeek

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Portrait of Hoornbeeck by Frans Hals

Johannes Hoornbeek[1] (4 November 1617, Haarlem – 23 August 1666, Leiden), was a Dutch Reformed theologian. He was a follower of Gisbertus Voetius, writing with him on spiritual desertion. He was a professor of theology at the University of Leiden and University of Utrecht.


Hoornbeck was a writer of polemical works. His many works include

  • De Conversione Indorum et Gentilum, libri duo (on the conversion of native populations of Asia and America)
  • Pro Convincendis, et Convertendis Judaeis, libri octo (on the conversion of the Jews)

He attacked the Socinians, Mennonites, the Remonstrants and Cartesians. A collection of his polemical writing was the Summa Controversiarum Religionis; Cum Infidelibus, Hæreticis, Schismaticis: Id Est, Gentilibus, Judæis, Muhammedanis; Papistis, Anabaptistis, Enthusiastis et Libertinis, Socinianis; Remonstrantibus, Lutheranis, Brouvnistis, Græcis of 1653.

He was painted by Frans Hals.[2]


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