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Jose Martins Achiam (中文名字‵龔智仁′) (1944–2008) was a Portuguese born in Macau.

He is just considered the founder and the father of Macau Karatedo and Seigokan Macau.

He introduced Karatedo in that Portuguese Province (at that time) in 1967. His father worked in the Macau Judiciary Police officials. During 40 years in Macau, he vigorously develops karate and promote Macao Karate in the international karate community to achieve a certain position. In the Macau Karate sector his nickname was the "Master", the "Father of Karate".

In 1970, Mr.Achiam played in Tokyo on behalf of Hong Kong to held its first session of the World Karate Championships (WUKO I).

In 1994, he vigorously promote Macau to unite the various schools of Karate and then, when the Macao Karatedo Association (AKM) was established, he became its founding president re-elected since the term of office to vigorously promote karate and done efforts to increase the overall level, so in recent years, Macau Karate in a number of international competitions, is repeatedly winning.

In the 90's Jose Achiam began to participate in international affairs, has been elected as Secretary-General of the Asian Karatedo Federation (AKF) and for the Executive Committee of the World Karate Federation (WKF). His term of office was awarded by WKF assigned specifically to help China's accession to WKF. In July 2006 chaired the first training of karate Coaches of the Chinese Karatedo Association. J.M.Achiam term of office the Secretary-General on the AKF Asian Games in Seoul, to strive to karate as a sport and eventually succeeded in the Asian Games karate officially became a permanent sport. Earlier in 2008, Mr. Achiam has been named for the Macao Sports Committee.

Mr. Achiam was father of two sons and two daughters. His young daughter, Mariana Vargas Achiam, played in 2008 on behalf of Macau, held in Sabah, the Ninth AKF Asian Youth, Junior Karate Championships.

His third son, Jose Luis Pedruco Achiam had in 1998, the Asian Youth, Junior Karate Championships and in the 15-year-old team won the silver medal from his hand.

On September 16, 2008 due to a severe stroke was admitted to hospital, until died at 11:00 September 23, 2008. Mr. Achiam had 40 years of active contribution in karate.


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