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KUNG is the English transcription of the Cyrillic initialism КУНГ for Russian: кузов унифицированный нулевого (нормального) габарита (unified body of zero (normal) dimension). The KUNG is a Soviet then Russian term for a standardized military vehicle module/trailer system.[1]

KUNGs are manufactured for installation on the chassis of GAZ-63, ZIL-157, GAZ-66, ZIL-131, KAMAZ-4310, Ural-375, Ural-4320. Versions for different vehicles are standardized with the same type of items and equipment.

KUNG body type: wood and metal, insulated, sealed, heated and are designed for placement of personnel, repair shops, electronic systems, health centers, etc.

Also kung began informally called accessory for civilian vehicles, pickup trucks - a metal or fiberglass roof on the body.


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