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Karen Kavaleryan (Armenian: Կարեն Կավալերյան; Russian: Каре́н Кавалеря́н; born June 5, 1961 in Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union) is a Russian-Armenian lyricist. He currently holds the record (jointly with Ralph Siegel) for representing the most countries in the Eurovision Song Contest with five. The countries are Russia in 2002 and 2006, Belarus in 2007, Armenia in 2007 and 2010, Ukraine in 2008 and 2013 and Georgia in 2008.

Karen Kavaleryan is widely considered as the most successful Russian lyricist, he is 27 times finalist of "Song of the Year" gala, author of anthem of 2014 Winter Olympics and the final song 2014 Winter Paralympics, performed by José Carreras and Diana Gurtskaya, during his career has published more than 700 songs performed by Gorky Park, Bravo, Prime-Minister, Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov, Valeriya, Dima Bilan and many others.

Artyom Kavaleryan, son of Karen Kavaleryan, is the lyricist of the Russian entry in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 "Doroga k solntsu" performed by Vlad Krutskikh.

Eurovision Song Contest entries

Country Year Song Artist Place Points Composer
 Russia 2002 "Northern Girl"†1 Prime Minister 10 55 Kim Breitburg
 Russia 2006 "Never Let You Go"†2 Dima Bilan 2 (SF: 3rd) 248 (SF: 217) Alexander Lunyov
 Belarus 2007 "Work Your Magic" Dmitry Koldun 6 (SF: 4th) 145 (SF: 176) Philipp Kirkorov
 Armenia 2007 "Anytime You Need"†3 Hayko 8 (SF: —) 138 (SF: —) Hayko
 Ukraine 2008 "Shady Lady" Ani Lorak 2 (SF: 1) 230 (SF: 152) Philipp Kirkorov
 Georgia 2008 "Peace Will Come" Diana Gurtskaya 11 (SF: 5) 83 (SF: 107) Kim Breitburg
 Armenia 2010 "Apricot Stone" Eva Rivas 7 (SF:6) 141 (SF:83) Armen Martirosyan
 Ukraine 2013 "Gravity" Zlata Ognevich 3 (SF:3) 214 (SF:140) Mikhail Nekrasov

†1 Lyrics co-written with Evgene Fridlyand & Irina Antonyan
†2 Lyrics co-written with Irina Antonyan
†3 Lyrics co-written with Hayko (Armenian part)

National Finals entries

  • 2005 Russia Alexandr Panaiotov & Alexey Chumakov, Balalayka and Russian version Balalayka
  • 2005 Russia A-Sortie, Keep On Shinin' and Russian version Sharik
  • 2006 Russia Dima Bilan, Lady Flame
  • 2006 Russia Jasmin, Foreigner
  • 2007 Belarus Diana Gurtskaya, How Long
  • 2008 Russia Alexandr Panaiotov, Crescent & Cross
  • 2008 Russia Anatoliy Alyoshin, One More Try

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