Kauno Autobusų Gamykla

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KAG-3 in Kaunas

Kauno Autobusų Gamykla (KAG) was a factory in Kaunas, Lithuanian SSR that produced more than 12,000 buses from 1956 to 1979—most based on the GAZ-51 truck.The factory was established in an old Ford workshop that was nationalised after Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet Union.


  • KAG-1 (19 passenger)
  • KAG-3 (23 passenger)
  • KAG-4 (24 passenger)
  • KAG-31 (KAG-3 based panel van)
  • KAG-32 (KAG-3 based bread van)
  • KAG-33 (KAG-3 based workshop)
  • KAG-34 (KAG-3 movable explosive materials store)
  • KAG-41 (KAG-4 based panel van)
  • KAG-317 (KAG-3 based people service workshop)