Kirovohrad Oblast

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Kirovohrad Oblast
Кіровоградська область
Kirovohrads’ka oblast’
Flag of Kirovohrad Oblast
Coat of arms of Kirovohrad Oblast
Coat of arms
Nickname(s): Кіровоградщина (Kirovohradschyna)
Kirovohrad in Ukraine.svg
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Country  Ukraine
Administrative center Kirovohrad
 • Governor Serhij Kuzmenko (Ind.)
 • Chairperson Oleksandr Chornoivanenko (Batkivshchyna)
 • Total 24,588 km2 (9,493 sq mi)
Area rank Ranked 15th
Population (2013)
 • Total 995,171
 • Rank Ranked 25th
 • Density 40/km2 (100/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 25000-27999
Area code +380-52
ISO 3166 code UA-35
Vehicle registration ВA
Raions 21
Cities (total)
— Regional cities
Urban-type settlements 26
Villages 1015
FIPS 10-4 UP10

Kirovohrad Oblast (Ukrainian: Кіровоградська область, translit. Kirovohrads’ka oblast’; also referred to as Kirovohradschyna - Ukrainian: Кіровоградщина) is an oblast (province) of Ukraine. The administrative center of the oblast is the city of Kirovohrad. Population: 995,171 (2013 est.)[1].


The area of the province is 24,600 km2 (9,498.11 sq mi).

The city of Dobrovelychkivka is the geographical center of Ukraine.


The oblast was created as part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on January 10, 1939 out of the northern raions of Mykolaiv Oblast. In 1954 the oblast lost some raions to the newly created Cherkasy Oblast, but later that year received its western raions from the Odessa Oblast.

Points of interest

The following sites were nominated for the Seven Wonders of Ukraine:

Administrative divisions

The Kirovohrad Oblast is administratively subdivided into 21 raions (districts) as well as 4 cities (municipalities) which are directly subordinate to the oblast government: Oleksandriia, Svitlovodsk, Znamianka, and the administrative center of the oblast, Kirovohrad.

Name Ukrainian Name Area
census 2015[2] Urban Population Only
Kirovohrad Кіровогра́д (місто) 103 239,837 Kirovohrad (city) 231,228
Oleksandriia Олександрія (місто) 55 91,881 Oleksandriia (city) 82,269
Svitlovodsk Світловодськ (місто) 45 53,449 Svitlovodsk (city) 45,746
Znamianka Знам'янка (місто) 15 28,507 Znamianka (city) 23,245
Bobrynets'kyi raion Бобринецький район 25,993 Bobrynets 10,998
Dobrovelychkivs'kyi raion Добровеличківський район 33,925 Dobrovelychkivka 14,726
Dolyns'kyi raion Долинський район 34,535 Dolynska 20,713
Haivorons'kyi raion Гайворонський район 38,335 Haivoron 21,556
Holovanivs'kyi raion Голованівський район 31,084 Holovanivsk 11,996
Kirovohrads'kyi raion Кіровоградський район 37,123 Kirovohrad (city) N/A *
Kazanskyi Raion Казанківський (район) 1,349 19,745 Kazanka 7,207
Kryve Ozerskyi Raion Кривоозерський (район) 814 24,905 Kryve Ozero 7,823
Mykolaivskyi Raion Миколаївський (район) 1,430 30,448 Mykolaiv (city) N/A *
Novyi Buhskyi Raion Новобузький (район) 1,243 31,199 Novyi Buh 15,566
Novo Odeskyi Raion Новоодеський (район) 1,428 33,602 Nova Odesa 12,108
Ochakivskyi Raion Очаківський (район) 1,500 29,949 Ochakiv 14,489
Pervomaiskyi Raion Первомайський (район) 1,319 30,275 Pervomaisk (city) N/A *
Snihurivskyi Raion Снігурівський (район) 1,350 40,420 Snihurivka 12,870
Veselynovskyi Raion Веселинівський (район) 1,245 23,161 Veselynove 8,060
Voznesenskyi Raion Вознесенський (район) 1,392 30,562 Voznesensk (city) N/A *
Vradiivskyi Raion Врадіївський (район) 801 17,611 Vradiivka 8,391
Yelanetskyi Raion Єланецький (район) 1,018 15,530 Yelanets 4,912
Zhovtnevskyi Raion Жовтневий (район) 1,460 50,565 Mykolaiv (city) N/A *
Total Oblast Миколаївська (Область) 24,588 1,159,634 Mykolaiv (city) 791,227
Note: Asterisks (*) Though the administrative center of the rayon is housed in the city/town that its named after, cities do not answer to the rayon authorities only towns do; instead they are directly subordinated to the oblast government and therefore are not counted as part of rayon statistics.
Raions of the Kirovohrad Oblast
In English In Ukrainian Administrative Center
Kompaniivka Raion Компаніївський район
Kompaniyivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Mala Vyska Raion Маловисківський район
Malovyskivs'kyi raion
Mala Vyska
Novhorodka Raion Новгородківський район
Novhorodkivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Novoarkhanhelsk Raion Новоархангельський район
Novoarkhanhel's'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Novomyrhorod Raion Новомиргородський район
Novomyrhorods'kyi raion
Novoukrainka Raion Новоукраїнський район
Novoukrains'kyi raion
Oleksandrivka Raion Олександрівський район
Oleksandrivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Oleksandriia Raion Олександрійський район
Oleksandriys'kyi raion
Onufriivka Raion Онуфріївський район
Onufriyivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Petrove Raion Петрівський район
Petrivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Svitlovodsk Raion Світловодський район
Svitlovods'kyi raion
Ulianovka Raion Ульяновський район
Ul'yanovs'kyi raion
Ustynivka Raion Устинівський район
Ustynivs'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Vilshanka Raion Вільшанський район
Vilshans'kyi raion
(Urban-type settlement)
Znamianka Raion Знам'янський район
Znamyans'kyi raion


Age structure

0-14 years: 14.3% Increase (male 72,646/female 68,970)
15-64 years: 68.7% Decrease (male 324,698/female 355,058)
65 years and over: 17.0% Steady (male 55,718/female 111,666) (2013 official)

Median age

total: 41.2 years Increase
male: 37.7 years Increase
female: 44.5 years Increase (2013 official)


Most of Ukraine's oblasts are named after their capital cities, officially referred to as "oblast centers" (Ukrainian: обласний центр, translit. oblasnyi tsentr). The name of each oblast is a relative adjective, formed by adding a feminine suffix to the name of respective center city: Kirovohrad is the center of the Kirovohrads’ka oblast’ (Kirovohrad Oblast). Most oblasts are also sometimes referred to in a feminine noun form, following the convention of traditional regional place names, ending with the suffix "-shchyna", as is the case with the Kirovohrad Oblast, Kirovohradshchyna.

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  • "Main". Official web-site of the Kirovohrad Oblast State Administration (in Ukrainian). Retrieved 7 April 2014.CS1 maint: unrecognized language (link)<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css"></templatestyles>