Konstantin Olimpov

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Konstantin Konstantinovich Olimpov (Russian: Константин Константинович Олимпов) (1889 – 1940) Real name Konstantin Konstantinovich Fofanov (Russian: Константин Константинович Фофанов)

Konstantin Olimpov was a poet and son of Symbolist poet Konstantin Mikhailovich Fofanov (1862–1911).[1] Along with Igor Severyanin, Olimpov was one of the founding members of Ego-Futurism.[2] A disagreement between Olimpov and Severyanin caused Severyanin to leave the group of Ego-Futurists in the Autumn of 1912.[3] He also co-founded The Academy of Ego-Poetry with fellow Ego-Futurists Graal Arelsky.


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