Konstantin Vasilyevich Ivanov

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Konstantin Ivanov
Born Konstantin Vasilyevich Ivanov
27 May [O.S. 15 May] 1890
Slakbash village, Russia
Died 26 March [O.S. 13 March] 1915
Slakbash village, Russia
Occupation poet and translator
Language Chuvash
Nationality Chuvash
Notable works Narspi (1908)

Konstantin Vasilyevich Ivanov (Russian: Константин Васильевич Иванов, (Chuvash: Пăртта Кĕçтентинĕ); 27 May [O.S. 15 May] 1890 in Slakbash village, Bashkiria – 26 March [O.S. 13 March] 1915, id.) was a Chuvash poet, classic of the Chuvash literature.


Born in a peasant family Chuvash kind Prtta (Chuvash: Пăртта). In this family valued education – grandfather, aunt on his father, many relatives were literate. Ivanov's father was one of the richest people in the county, the farm used the knowledge of agronomy and economics.

When Constantine eight years old, he entered the village primary school, which he graduated in 1902, studying at Belebey city school. Then, satisfied with his father in a preparatory class Simbirsk Chuvash teacher's school.

After 2 years, fifteen young man becomes a student of 1st course Chuvash educational center.

Here Konstantin fond of literature, a lot of reading works by Russian and Western cultures, is interested in painting, sculpture.

The young man, going home for the holidays, writes family tradition and memories of old men, villagers, the texts of conspiracies, folk prayers. It subsequently impose huge mistakes on his understanding of national identity artistic people.

In the formation of the personality Ivanov's significant role played his thirst for painting – he is even ready to enter the Academy of Arts. In addition, he takes possession of professional photographic skills – his photographs depicted many episodes of Simbirsk period of life.

On the events of 1905–1907, he released "Chuvash Marseillaise" (Get up, rises, Chuvash!). For participation in the revolutionary meetings Yakovlev forced to dissolve the 1st class.

Later, when the "passions subside," Ivan Yakovlev attracted him to work in the Commission to transfer to the publication of books in the Chuvash language. In September–December Konstantin translated Mikhail Lermontov poems "The Prisoner", "Waves and people", "Sail", "Peaks", "Cliff", "Cup of Life" et al., Much effort Chuvash Arrangement "The Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov ".

In the autumn of 1914 K. Ivanov contracted tuberculosis, he went to his home. 13 March 1915 at the age of 24 the poet died.


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