Kovno Governorate

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Kovno Governorate
Ковенская губеpния
Kovenskaja gubernija
Governorate of the Russian Empire

Coat of arms of Kaunas

Coat of arms

Location of Kaunas
Kovno Governorate (light red), 1843-1915
Capital Kaunas
 •  Order of tzar Nicholas I of 18 December 1842 1 July 1843 1843
 •  World War I 1915

Kovno Governorate (Russian: Ковенская губеpния or Kovenskaja gubernija; Lithuanian: Kauno gubernija) or Government of Kaunas was a governorate (guberniya) of the Russian Empire. Its capital was Kaunas (Kovno in Russian). It was formed on 18 December 1842 by tsar Nicholas I from the western part of Vilna Governorate, and the order was carried out on 1 July 1843. The Tsarist government had once considered it a part of Northwestern Krai. The governorate included almost the entire Lithuanian region of Žemaitija and the northern part of Aukštaitija.

The governorate was divided into seven uyezds:[1]

Uyezd Area (km²) Population in 1897 Population in 1914
Kaunas 4,029 227,500 301,800
Vilkmergė 5,866 229,100 263,600
Zarasai 5,437 208,500 242,300
Panevėžys 6,215 222,900 259,700
Raseiniai 6,485 235,400 279,200
Telšiai 5,306 183,400 216,000
Šiauliai 6,922 238,000 294,500
Total 40,260 1,544,600 1,857,100


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