Kristina Oblasova

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Kristina Oblasova
File:Oblasova EC04.jpg
Kristina Oblasova at the 2004 European Championships
Personal information
Full name Kristina Oblasova
Country represented Russia
Born (1984-09-11) 11 September 1984 (age 36)
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Height 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Former coach Viktor Kudriavtsev
Elena Tchaikovskaya
Vladimir Kotin
Former choreographer Olga Markova
Elena Matveeva
Skating club Esdushor Moscow
Began skating 1989
Retired 2004
ISU personal best scores
Combined total 127.96
2003 Cup of Russia
Short program 44.68
2003 Cup of Russia
Free skate 83.28
2003 Cup of Russia

Kristina Oblasova (Russian: Кристина Обласова, born 11 September 1984 in Moscow) is a retired Russian figure skater. She is the 2001 World Junior champion[1] and the 2004 Russian national bronze medalist.


Oblasova stepped onto the ice as a child, competing in singles except for a brief interlude at age 10 in pair skating with partner Stanislav Zakharov.[2]

A hip injury kept Oblasova off the ice for seven months in the 1997–98 season.[2] She debuted on the ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit the following season.

In 2000–01, Oblasova took the silver medal at the ISU Junior Grand Prix Final and then gold at the 2001 World Junior Championships. She was coached by Elena Tchaikovskaya and Vladimir Kotin.[3]

In 2001–02, Oblasova made her senior Grand Prix debut, competing at Skate Canada International and Sparkassen Cup on Ice. After Russian Nationals, she changed coaches to Viktor Kudriavtsev.[2] Oblasova was assigned again to Junior Worlds where she finished 11th. In 2003, a third trip to Junior Worlds saw her finish 9th.

In 2003–04, her final competitive season, Oblasova won the senior bronze medal at the Russian Nationals and was assigned to the 2004 European Championships. She finished 16th in her only trip to a senior ISU Championships.


Season Short program Free skating Exhibition
  • Piano Rhapsody
  • Piano Rhapsody
  • Domino - Domino
    (French waltz)
  • Domino - Domino
  • Rondo Veneziano
  • Slezi
    by Aleksandra Pakhmutova

Competitive highlights

Event 1996–97 1997–98 1998–99 1999–00 2000–01 2001–02 2002–03 2003–04
Europeans 16th
GP Cup of Russia 7th
GP Skate Canada 11th
GP Sparkassen 5th
Golden Spin 2nd 5th
Nebelhorn 3rd
International: Junior[3][2][5][4]
Junior Worlds 1st 11th 9th
JGP Final 2nd
JGP France 1st
JGP Germany 1st
JGP Japan 10th
JGP Netherlands 1st
JGP Ukraine 4th
Russian Champ. 14th 10th 6th 5th 5th 3rd
Russian Junior 17th 4th 1st 1st 1st
GP = Grand Prix; JGP = Junior Grand Prix; WD = Withdrew


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