Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant

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OJSC "Rusich" - D.M. Karbyshev Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant "
Open Joint-Stock Company
Industry Mechanical engineering
Founded 1950
Defunct 2011 (2011)
Headquarters Kurgan, KGN, Russia
Products tractors
Revenue financial meltdown in 2011
Number of employees
In the 1970s and 80s about 11,000 people
Slogan N/A
Website http://www.rusich-kzkt.ru/ Awards: {{Order of the Red Banner of Labour|type=organization|1981}} 1981 year

Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant named after D. Karbyshev (JSC "Rusich", Russian: Курганский завод колёсных тягачей имени Д. М. Карбышева (ОАО «Русич»)) was a manufacturer of special heavy automotive machines since 1950 located in Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast.

Automobiles produced by the plant, special chassis, truck tractors and semi-trailers are used in the Russian Ministry of Defence system, also by oil and gas producing companies. In addition, heavy-duty ballast tractors are used for aerodrome-towing aircraft weighing up to 200 tonnes.

On April 28, 2011, the factory was declared bankrupt by Arbitral Court of Kurgan Oblast.


MAZ-537 tractor
File:KET-T on KZKT-chassis (1).jpg
The wheeled recovery vehicle KET-T on KZKT-74281-012-chassis
File:KET-T on KZKT-chassis (2).jpg
The wheeled recovery vehicle KET-T on KZKT-74281-012-chassis

The plant was founded on April 1, 1950 in Kurgan based on existing since 1941 enterprise Uralselmash[1] and manufactured balers, harrows, silage choppers, threshers, etc. In the second half of the 1950s due to the increased demand of the national economy in heavy machines the plant was repurposed to produce wheel tractors. It was renamed Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant (KZKT) by the Order of the Minister of automotive and tractor industry from June 11, 1966.

In the 1970s and 80s it employed about 11,000 people, there were specialists of 219 professions. Pride of the collective was Hero of Socialist Labor Yuri Nabatnikov. Mass edition factory newspaper "Factory life" was issued. KZKT had Palace of Culture, Sports Palace, Stadium and "Dolphin" swimming pool.

In 1981 the plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

On July 10, 1993 JSC "Rusich" — "D.M. Karbyshev Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant" was registered. The volume of government procurement in 1991 dropped from 91% down to a level of 4.5%. Due to the lack of funds oil and gas companies rejected ordered vehicles, resulting in 286 unsold vehicles accumulated in warehouses. The volume of production in 1993 decreased by 34.2%.

Activities, products and services

Activity: KZKT 8×8 automobile-tractors, full mass of a towing semi-trailer up to 100 tonnes, ballast tractors for towing trailers weighing up to 80 tonnes and aircraft weighing up to 200 tons; semi-trailers for transporting loads up to 80 tonnes, differential for UAZ cars.

Goods and Services: trucks and tractors, lorries, tractors for semi-trailers, trailers for trucks and tractors, road semi-trailers, Machine elements, components and spare parts for transmissions of automobiles and motor vehicles, Differential devices and components of automobiles and motor vehicles, Airport and aerodrome equipment, ground aircraft-towing vehicles for airports (tugs).

The plant had its own foundry.


In the post-Soviet period, the company repeatedly changed owners several times and had undergone the bankruptcy procedure several times.[2][3]

Back in 2010 the Arbitral Court of Kurgan Oblast received a statement from OAO "EnergoKurgan" that demanded recognition of the financial bankruptcy of JSC "Rusich" — "D.M. Karbyshev Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant". A court decision from February 24, 2010 concerning JSC "Rusich" — KZKT appointed external supervision for a period of 18 months, Alexander Maslakov was approved as the external manager. External manager came to the conclusion that it was impossible to fulfill the external supervision plan before the deadline set by a court decision. In this regard, on March 17, 2011 Alexander Maslakov appealed to the Arbitral Court for early termination of external supervision procedures and the transition to bankruptcy proceedings. On April 28, 2011 the Arbitral Court of Kurgan Oblast declared JSC "Rusich" — "D.M. Karbyshev Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant" bankrupt.[4] According to external supervision plan, a portion of the property was to be sold through public auction.[5]

As a result of the auction, organized by LLC "YuKO", winning bidders in the sale of lots were recognized as follows:

  • Limited Liability Company "Group ESE" (300,965,412.96 rubles)
  • Limited Liability Company "Titan" (98,019,002.10 rubles)
  • Andrey Demin (38,916,483.40 rubles)
  • Limited Liability Company "The Foundry" (24,203,145.17 rubles)
  • Limited Liability Company "Leasing Invest" (18,500,500.80 rubles)
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Kurgan Generation Company" (12,626,000.00 rubles)
  • Cassina Julia Vitalievna (11,487,600.00 rubles)
  • Limited Liability Company "Wave - ZHILSERVIS number 4" (6,768,000.00 rubles)
  • SP Gennady Polikarpov (3,776,400.00 rubles)
  • Pazderin Pavel V. (1,400,700.00 rubles)
  • SP R. Roman O. (1,213,800.00 rubles)
  • Limited Liability Company "Uralmetsnab" (1,009,800.00 rubles)


  • BTR-60
  • MAZ-535 (1961-1963)[6]
  • Tractor MAZ-537 (1963-1990)
  • Tractor KZKT-545
  • Tractor KZKT-7428 "Rusich" (1990-2011, developed by the Plant Design Bureau)[7]
  • Special wheeled chassis KZKT-8005 (1990s–2011)


Factory directors were:

external manager

Director of "KZKT"

Director of "Forge Factory" Rusich "


  1. On April 1, 1950 based on the eastern site of the "Uralselmash" plant an independent enterprise "Kurganselmash" was founded, which inherited the whole production history, starting with the Turbine plant of the early twentieth century. The "Uralselmash" plant still had the western site in its structure. Subsequently, the company was reorganized as Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant (KZKT).
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