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LVS-97 tram at Il'yushina street in Saint Petersburg.

LVS-97 (71-147) is a Russian-made six axle tram. LVS denotes «Ленинградский Вагон Сочленёный» (Leningradski Vagon Sochlenyeni) which is an articulated tramcar, made in St. Petersburg.[1] It was produced at the Petersburg Tram Mechanical Factory from 1997 (as its name implies by the 97 suffix) through to 2004.

LVS-97 tramcars operate in St. Petersburg, Kolomna, Krasnoyarsk and were also tested in Vitebsk.

Technical details

LVS-86 is a broad gauge (1,524 mm (5 ft)) high floor tram (yet with varying floor level in one of the modifications). Its body is continuously welded articulated and has 6 axles. The articulation is suspended, the rear section being supported just by one bogie. Since 2000 (manufacturing number 1518) trams were released with a glass/plastic facing of the front, as well as different door placement in the first section (as in LM-99).[2]


  • LVS-97K Rheostatic-contactor constrol system. Used in St. Petersburg, Kolomna and Krasnoyarsk.
  • LVS-97M MERA thyrystor control system. Two tram cars released. One of them was tested in Vitebsk, then transferred back to St. Petersburg. ON the plant it was rebuilt into LVS-97A with the assignment of the new manufacturing number.
  • VLS-97A Asynchronous traction engines. Six trams for St. Petersburg are released.
  • LVS-97A-01 (71-151АН) Asynchronous traction engines, rear section uses low floor passenger compartments. Just one tram built in 2004.


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