Lada 111

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Lada 111
File:Green Lada 111 1,5 Li in Kraków (2).jpg
Manufacturer Lada
Also called Bogdan 2111 (Ukraine)
Lada 111
Lada LUX 110 Dunarea (Romania)
Lada Pilgrim (Pickup)
Lada Premier (Ecuador)
Lada Stawra (Venezuela)
Lada Tarzan-2 (SUV)
Lada Tarzan DM (commercial vehicle)
Lada Vega Wagon (Turkey)
VAZ 2111
Production 1998–present
Assembly Bucharest, Romania (Dunarea)
Kremenchug, Ukraine (Kremenchug Car Assembly)
Syzran, Russia (RosLada)
Tolyatti, Russia (AvtoVAZ)
Body and chassis
Class Compact car
Body style 5-door station wagon
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Related Lada 110
Lada 112
Engine 1.6 L I4 Petrol
Transmission 5 speed manual
Wheelbase 2,492 mm (98.1 in)
Length 4,285 mm (168.7 in)
Width 1,680 mm (66.1 in)
Height 1,480 mm (58.3 in)
Curb weight 1,055 kg (2,326 lb)
Successor Lada Priora

The Lada 111 or VAZ-2111 is AvtoVAZ's front wheel drive car with a station wagon bodystyle (modification of Lada 110). It was manufactured from 1998 to 2009. The vehicle is still manufactured in Cherkasy by Bogdan, marketed as the "Bogdan 2111", with only minor alterations.[1]


File:Green Lada 111 1,5 Li in Kraków.jpg
Lada 111 1,5 Li in Kraków in September 2010
File:Lada 111 badge.jpg
Lada 111 badge

In 1998, the Lada 110 received a modification for a station wagon - the Lada 111 - the country's first front-wheel drive car with such a bodystyle. The rear seat can be folded in a ratio of 2:3, allowing passengers and bulky/long loads. The luggage compartment, respectively, increase from 490 to 1,420 liters. Front-wheel drive and a rear door give it a low loading height. With a 20 kg total increase in weight and a higher center of mass, wagon's ride is smoother than the sedan's but the handling is not as good in turns.

The wagon was released with options that differ mainly by engine: basic VAZ-21110 With the "standard", "normal" and "luxury" (similar to a sedan car VAZ-21102) with a 1.5-liter 8-valve engine, "2111" and "top-end"VAZ-21113 to trim the" norm "and" luxury "with 16-valve engine," 2112 "and front ventilated disc brakes (like the sedan VAZ-21103). The "2111" and "2112" were equipped with fuel injection and catalytic converter. The VAZ-21111 had a carburetor engine "2110" (production ended in 2002). All-rounders are completed with the "short" primary pair (3.9 instead of 3.7 for VAZ-2110). Since autumn 2004, these versions been taken over by the 1.6-liter 21112 (8 valves) and 21114 (16 valves). The other innovations are those of the 2110.

VAZ-2111 station wagon offers more opportunities for baggage than the sedan or hatchback, but it is a city car with "soft" suspension and is not designed for operation with an overload, or regular use on bad roads.

The main problems of the touring model are almost the same as that of the sedan's: heavy steering, short suspension travel and assembly quality assurance issues.


  • LADA-21111 (VAZ-21111) — 1.5 liters carburetor engine;
  • LADA-21110 (VAZ-21110) — 8-valve engine with capacity of 1.5 liters with fuel injection (Lada 111 1.5 Li);
  • LADA-21113 (VAZ-21113) — 16-valve engine with capacity of 1.5 liters with fuel injection;
  • LADA-21112 (VAZ-21112) — 8-valve 1.6-liter 80 hp 21114-engine with fuel injection;
  • LADA-21114 (VAZ-21114) — 16-valve 1.6-liter 89 hp 21124-engine with fuel injection;
  • LADA-21116 (VAZ-21116-04) - 2.0-liter 150 hp engine Opel C20XE, four-wheel drive;
  • VAZ-2111-90 «Tarzan-2» - body of VAZ-21111 and chassis of Niva, 1.8-liter (80 and 85 hp versions) engine and four-wheel drive (SUV)
  • VAZ-2111-90 «Pilgrim» - body of VAZ-21111 and chassis of Niva, 1.8-liter (80 and 85 hp versions) engine and four-wheel drive (SUV-Pickup)

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  1. С декабря 2009 производство ВАЗ 2111 в Тольятти прекращено. Сейчас этот автомобиль выпускается на украинском заводе Богдан под маркой Bogdan 2111.

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