Lakhtinsky crossover

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Lakhtinsky crossover
Carries One way rail traffic
Crosses Lakhtinsky Razliv Lake
Locale Lakhtinsky Razliv Lake
Maintained by RZhD, OktZhD, SPbZhD
Design Metal one-span girder bridge, based on box-shaped beams on stone coastal foundations
Material Metal
Width 1 track-way
Construction end 1894
Opened 1894, 1925
Collapsed 1924

The Lakhtinsky crossover is a railroad line that crosses the Lakhtinsky Razliv lake in Saint Petersburg, Russia. For the first stage of the Primorskaya line on the route from Novaya Derevnya to Lakhta, it was necessary to cross lake Lakhtinsky Razliv.


Engineer P. A. Avenarius constructed the crossover in 1894. It was a 200-metre (660 ft) pile bridge which paralleled the Lakhtinsky dam on which there was a road.[1] Near to the bridge, Shunting loop Dum and Shunting loop 2 verst were constructed. The bridge opened July 12, 1894.[1]

Destruction and rebuilding

Сatastrophic flooding on September 23, 1924 completely destroyed the bridge. It was restored in 1925 at its current location.[1]

Current structure

As of 2009, the bridge is a metal one-span girder bridge, constructed from box-shaped beams on stone foundations.


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