Lao People's Liberation Army Air Force

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Lao People's Liberation Army Air Force
Founded 1976
Country Laos
Branch Lao People's Army
Type Air Force
Size 43 aircraft
HQ Vientiane
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The Lao People's Liberation Army Air Force (LPLAAF) is the air force of Laos.[1]


The present-day LPLAAF is descended from the Aviation Laotienne, which was established by the French and later became the Royal Lao Air Force. Pathet Lao guerrilla forces began to operate a few aircraft from 1960, as did another rebel group led by Kong Le. Kong Le forces were later re-incorporated into the Royal Lao Air Force. When the communist take-over in, 1975, resulted in the adoption of the present title.[2]

Military co-operation agreement with Russia in 1997 resulted in 12 Mil Mi-17 helicopters that entered service in mid-1999 to follow on from previous deliveries of Mi-8s. SAM systems also entered service such as the SA-3 'Goa' and SA-7B 'Grail'.[3]


The LPLAAF operates from two main bases - Vientiane and Phonsavanh - with another three bases supported by detachments from the main units. Apart from the main military air bases, there are also a number of smaller airports and airfields around the country which are frequently used by the Air Force and the semi-military airline Lao Airlines. In 1961 Laos had 25 airstrips capable of taking a C-47.[4]

Aircraft inventory

As of 2010, the backbone of the LPLAAF inventory consists of:

Aircraft Type Versions Active Notes
Fixed-wing aircraft
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 fighter MIG-21s 25[5] Non-operational
Ilyushin Il-103 Training aircraft Il-103 3[6] 21 ordered
Antonov An-2 Utility Transport aircraft An-2 10 [7]
Antonov An-26 Transport aircraft An-26 1[8]
Antonov An-74 VIP Transport An-74 1[9]
Xian MA60 Passenger aircraft MA60 4[10]
Kamov Ka-32 Transport helicopter Ka-32T 6
Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter Mi-8 7
Mil Mi-17 transport helicopter Mi-17 9
Harbin Z-9 utility helicopter Z-9 4
Bell UH-1 Iroquois Combat helicopter UH-1H 4 [12]