Lectures on the History of Philosophy

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Lectures on the History of Philosophy (LHP; German: Vorlesungen über die Geschichte der Philosophie, VGPh, 1825–6[1]) is a compilation of notes from university lectures on the history of philosophy given by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. In it, he outlined his ideas on the major philosophers. He saw consciousness as progressing from an undifferentiated pantheism of the East to a more individualistic understanding culminating in the freedom of the Germanic era.

In his lectures Hegel cites extensively the voluminous histories of philosophy written in Germany after 1740; among them: Johann Jakob Brucker's Historia critica philosophiae, 6 vols. (1742–67; "Critical History of Philosophy"); Johann Buhle's Lehrbuch der Geschichte der Philosophie, 8 vols. (1796–1804; "Textbook on the History of Philosophy"); Dietrich Tiedemann's Geist der spekulativen Philosophie von Thales bis Berkeley, 6 vols. (1791–97; "The Spirit of Speculative Philosophy from Thales to Berkeley"); and Gottlieb Tennemann's Geschichte der Philosophie, 11 vols. (1789–1819; "History of Philosophy").

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