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Lee Smith Bickmore (1908–1986) was the CEO of Nabisco. Bickmore began his employment with Nabisco as a salesman in Pocatello, Idaho. For many years, while serving as an executive, he lived in Short Hills, New Jersey. He was living in Vero Beach, Florida at the time of his death.

Bickmore was born in Paradise, Utah. He held degrees from the University of Utah and Harvard Business School.

Bickmore was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After being president of Nabisco, he served for a time as special consultant to the First Presidency for business operations, finances, buildings, communication and other related matters. Prior to this point, Bickmore had held several positions in the LDS Church in New York and New Jersey in the Sunday School and Young Men as well as having served as a member of the New York New York Stake high council.

In the 1960s Bickmore served as an associate to Brigham Young University's fundraising campaign.[1]


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