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Leland Dewitt Baldwin (23 November 1897 – 6 March 1981) was an American historian. He was assistant director of the Western Pennsylvania Historical Survey and professor of history at the University of Pittsburgh.


He was born in Fairchance, a borough in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, the son of Harmon Allen, a well-known Methodist evangelist, and Etta Weatherly Baldwin.

In 1915, he attended Greenville College in Illinois. From there, Baldwin attended the University of Michigan in 1922. He only attended college during the summer, because during the regular school year he became a teacher at Miltonvale College in Kansas. While working on his PhD, Baldwin took on many teaching jobs, including teaching at High Schools. During that time, in 1927, Baldwin married Ruth Glosser. In 1932, he earned his Doctorate in History from the University of Pittsburgh.

After earning his Doctoral degree in 1932, Baldwin became the Librarian and Research Associate in the Western Pennsylvania Historical Society.

Leland Baldwin died in Santa Barbara, California, at age 83, after heart surgery.



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