Lenin in Paris

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Lenin in Paris
(Ленин в Париже)
File:LENIN V PARIZHE Film Lenin in Paris Yutkevich Youtkhevitch Claude Jade Inessa Armand Mosfilm.JPG
Directed by Sergei Yutkevich
Written by Yevgeni Gabrilovich
Sergei Yutkevich
Starring Yuriy Kayurov
Vladimir Antonik
Claude Jade
Music by Grigory Frid
Cinematography Nikolai Nemolyayev
Release dates
  • 18 October 1981 (1981-10-18)
Running time
106 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Lenin in Paris (Ленин в Париже, translit. Lenin v Parizhe) is a Soviet film directed by Sergei Yutkevich in 1981 on Mosfilm.


Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin spent four years in Paris (1909–1912), and this historical docudrama explores those years with a certain amount of humor. Lenin is shown visiting with friends, the meetings with his later mistress Inessa Armand (in the movie she is in love with a young communist, Trofimoff), while several of his philosophical views and economic and political theories are mouthed by a former colleague who narrates the film and brings the material into the present...

Actor Yuri Kayurov: "It was not possible for Lenin to love Inessa Armand on screen. We have the film Lenin in Paris, where, naturally, and in the scenario in Gavrilovich was a scene, in which Lenin sit with Ines Armand on the bench, about by something they converse, where as well, probably they have a love affair, they perfectly well know this entire. But this was the Soviet regime, there was censorship, and they said - no-no, no love affair with Ines Armand. Let after it will care Trofimov, hero of this picture, and they on the concerts, or in kafushke of small - sits Ines Armand with Trofimov, and Ilyich sits with them, they laugh loud.. Especially as Inessa Armand starred a famous foreign actress: Claude Jade from France."

Sergei Yutkevich was one of the Soviet Union's most enduring, versatile, and highly respected directors. Over his long career Yutkevich won international awards for such films as Skanderbeg (1953) and Othello (1955). His series about Lenin is also highly regarded.


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