Leningrad Naval Base

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Leningrad Naval base
Part of Baltic Fleet
Saint Petersburg
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Built 1919 (1919)
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A. N. Lipinsky

The Leningrad Naval Base is part of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy.


The Naval base was created on the basis of Order № 117 as of March 15, 1919 of the Baltic Sea Fleet. The Naval Forces of Petrograd were transformed by the order into the Petrograd Naval Base. The Petrograd, then the Leningrad naval base has since that time been sometimes abolished, reformed and again created. In the summer of 1919, the crews of torpedo boats "Gabriel" and "Azard", and also the submarine "Panther" under A. Bakhtin's command scored the first successes ('kills') for the base, sinking the submarine HMS L55 and the destroyer HMS Vittoria of the British Royal Navy.

During the Great Patriotic War from the headquarters of the naval educational institutions and fleet units a sea defence of Leningrad and Lake area headquarters was created. About 100,000 military seamen fought on the Leningrad front. In 1941-1944 naval vessels of this base participated in carrying out of landing operations in areas Strelna, Peterhof, on Lake Ladoga, in the Vyborg and in the Narva gulfs. During the blockade of Leningrad the fleet provided communication of the besieged city with the country through Lake Ladoga. 1.7 million tons of cargo were transported and 1 million people were evacuated on the water line of the Road of Life alone.

From October 1988 the base consisted of the:[1]

  • 25th Submarine Brigade (Kronshtadt, Leningrad Oblast)
  • 105th Naval Region Protection Brigade (Kronshtadt, Leningrad Oblast)
  • 166th Brigade of Constructed and Overhauled Ships (Kronshtadt, Leningrad Oblast)

Since 1994 the base has been part of the Baltic Fleet.

Ships in 2008

# Ship Commander
Type (and project) Name Pennant number Active in the fleet Notes Captain's Rank Captain's Name
105th brigade of the ships of protection of water area (based in Kronstadt) Captain of 1st rank Sergey Pinchuk[2]
109th battalion of the small anti-submarine ships Captain of 2nd rank Maxim Kirpichnikov[2]
1 Project 1331M small anti-submarine ship MPK-99 "Zelenodolsk" Russian: МПК-99 «Зеленодольск» 308 since 1987 Under repair Captain of 3rd rank Evgenie Tishkevich[2]
2 Project 1331M small anti-submarine ship MPK-192 "Urengoy" Russian: МПК-192 «Уренгой» 304 since 1986 Captain Lieutenant Evgenie Kuznetsov[2]
3 Project 1331M small anti-submarine ship MPK-205 "Kazanets" (translate:Citizen of Kazan) Russian: МПК-205 «Казанец» 311 since 1987 [2]
22nd battalion of trawlers Captain of 2nd rank Michael Ahahlin[2]
4 Base trawler ship of project 12650 BT-44 Russian: БТ-44 563 since 1985 [2]
5 Base trawler ship of project 12650 BT-115 Russian: БТ-115 561 since 1994 Captain Lieutenant Vladimir Remezov[2]
123rd separate submarines under repair battalion (based in Kronstadt) Captain of 1st rank Igor Martemjanov[2]
6 Project 877 class diesel submarine B-227 Russian: Б-227 since 1983 Captain of 2nd rank Igor Abitov[2]
7 Project 877EKM diesel submarine B-806 Russian: Б-806 since 1986 Captain of 3rd rank Vitaly Tchikin[2]
13th brigade of the under construction and repaired ships (based in Kronstadt) Captain of 1st rank Belonogy Sergey Petrovich[citation needed]
8 diesel submarine of project 677 (Lada class submarine) B-585 "Saint Petersburg Russian: Б-585 «Санкт-Петербург» Formally as a part of fleet since 2007 To be commissioned in 2010.[3] [2]
32nd a separate battalion of courts of support (based in Priozersk) Captain of 1st rank Vladimir Karmanov[2]


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