Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod

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Industry Power engineering
Founded 1857 (1857)
Headquarters St Petersburg
Key people
Roman Filippov
Products power generation & transmission equipments
Parent Power Machines
Website www.power-m.ru/eng/company/lmz.aspx/
LMZ plant building on Sverdlovskaya embankment in Saint Petersburg

Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (Russian: Ленинградский Металлический Завод), also known as LMZ, is the largest Russian manufacturer of power machines and turbines for electric power stations.


The company was founded in 1857, in Saint Petersburg, Russia as a boiler works and small foundry. The industry is still located on the original site, on the right bank of the Neva River, in St. Petersburg. Steam turbines have been produced here since 1907 when the company was licensed to build French Rateau turbines. At the same time it began to build gun turrets, gun mountings and torpedo tubes. In 1912 the company received a contract for a number of Novik-class destroyers originally designed by AG Vulcan Stettin. It contracted at the same time with Vulcan to build a shipyard as well as for licenses for Curtis_AEG-Vulcan turbines and Vulcan-Yarrow boilers. In 1914 the company was renamed Petrograd Metal Works (Petrogradskiy Metallicheskiy Zavod) when Saint Petersburg was renamed as Petrograd. At the beginning of World War I the company had 4 building slips and employed 5,500 workers.[1]

Water turbines for various Hydropower Stations, have been produced since 1924. Since 1957, the LMZ has also produced gas turbines. Since 2000, LMZ is a division of the Power Machines[2] company, based in Russia.[3]

International business

About 700 turbines made by LMZ are now working at hundreds of electric power plants in more than 80 countries around the world. 2,300 power turbines were produced at the LMZ plant all together, with their total installed capacity of 300,000,000 KW. Most of the turbines are working at electric power stations in Russia, as well as in all other states of the former Soviet Union.

The company is currently a minor player in producing steam, gas, and hyrdo turbines. According to rankings by Platts in various years from 2008-10, LMZ was not listed among the top 9 manufacturers of steam turbines, top 8 manufacturers of gas turbines, or top 5 manufacturers of hydro trubines by worldwide market share.[4] This would mean a market share of less than 4% for steam turbines; less than 1% for gas turbines, and less than 10% for hydro turbines.[4]


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